Sponsored Articles.


While not all of our articles are sponsored, TLE do provide a number of marketing services for a select number of clients. These include   Content Creation and Promotion

Content Creation:

We write articles that are creative, engaging, relevant and targeted. All of our articles undergo a strict Flesch-Kincaid Readability Test to measure ease of reading and to achieve the maximum cover.

As we consult industry experts to keep the standard of our sponsored articles high they are generally 1000-1200 words in length, including images and relevant hyperlinks. And we work closely with our clients to ensure the article facilitates their marketing plans.

*We do not take on any work that is untrue, false or defamatory and only work with businesses with ideals that are in line with our own.


Sponsored articles are hosted on www.thelostexecutive.com and benefit from our monthly newsletter to our subscribers and our daily traffic. (Stats available on request)

Beyond this we distribute the sponsored article link and a tailored press release amongst a growing community of media professionals who work closely with us in a number of client-relevant industries.

This helps increase SEO strength, social media engagement and digital website traffic.


£500.00 / 1000-1200 word article

£750.00 / 1200-1500 word article

£1000.00 / 1500-2000 word article

If you would like to set up a non-obligatory call regarding a sponsored article for yourself and/or your business please contact us here: