About TLE.

We show you how to make business travel awesome.

The Lost Executive Ltd (TLE) was founded in 2017 by executive digital nomad Don Campbell. Also known as Donnie Rust, he envisioned a simple approach to business marketing where a simple marketing vehicle could be produced and offered to companies. A talented wordsmith and master marketer he immediately set to work creating his dream: a business centred around creating great content for businesses within the hospitality, travel and food industries.

Relying upon his fifteen years in publishing digital magazines for business and leisure titles, where his experience is second to none, he first created The Logbook. A travel and hospitality magazine which was hosted on www.thelostexecutive.com.

Dedicating his time to providing high quality editorial content for hundreds of businesses within and related to the travel and hospitality industries the audience for The Lost Executive grew exponentially and soon the publication was being seen by over 150,000 people each month.

Like Minded People

His team also began to grow as he recruited like-minded digital nomads from around the world and together they tackled many projects for other clients interested in launching their own magazine titles. As such The Lost Executive Ltd has had a hand in working with the likes of TechDrive and #Sportsider.


In mid 2019 the decision was made to consolidate the readership onto Facebook to keep as GDPR compliant as possible. This saw their social media presence and expertise sky rocket and soon they were reaching in excess of 650,000 impressions a month.

Showcase. Engage. Connect. Evaluate.

Showcase: we showcase the best of what businesses have to offer. Creating interesting stories representing the companies we feature with the highest editorial standard. We spend countless hours researching new developments and events, news channels and speaking with the leaders in every industry.

Engage: we engage our audience and connect them with our clients. Making sure that all of our articles have something special to offer them. It is not enough to simply “represent” a client to our readers, we must tell a story with the aim of inspiring action!

Connect: all of our editorials include contact details and relevant hyperlinks. We actively strive to get our audience talking with our clients, asking questions, giving suggestions and networking.

Evaluate: unlike some publishers, we aim to make sure our clients get the best results from our readers. The nature of the beast is that sometimes things don’t quite go as planned and it is how you handle these unexpected interruptions to your marketing plans that sets you above competitors. It’s all about meeting great relationships with clear analytics and solutions. We analyse every one of our campaigns regularly and never stop finding creative ways to improve on our actions every day.