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We show you how to make business travel awesome.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying travelling in comfort; you owe it to yourself.

Our website features interviews with leading business people, personalities and celebrities to discover how they travel and what secrets they can share with you. We showcase destinations and accommodation facilities, which offer that extra special touch of comfort and luxury, draw your attention to the best services in the world and tell you where to avoid investing your precious time. Honest and upfront reviews, video blogs and in-depth travel guides all combine to give you a 360° view of the business world. We provide the ‘how, what and where’ of travelling; you just need to tell us the ‘who and the why’.

www.thelostexecutive.com was founded by entrepreneurial duo Jerome Smith and Donnie Rust who, having become frustrated with unsatisfying business travel, took it upon themselves to find the best solutions for making the experience more effective, enjoyable and productive. Simply put, they discovered a world of opportunities and possibilities that promise to make travel simpler and more fun, while never losing sight of the commercial motivation for each individual journey. This verve for making more out of everyday travel quickly became an obsession and a passion that they wanted to share with like-minded business professionals.

The Lost Executive isn’t a pompous members-only club, filled with tales of snobbery and upper-class jaunts, so don’t expect those kind of articles. It’s a collective of people who love travelling, seeking out new places, interacting with every facet of civilisation, sharing ideas and making every second count. Even when it’s on the company’s time.

Jerome Smith

Jerome Smith The Lost ExecutiveIf we were to describe Jerome Smith as a bilingual farmhand done good, you might think that you’re about to read the story of Superman’s earthly upbringing and while we haven’t got confirmation that he can fly without the help of business-class, Jerome IS a modern-day business hero.

Citing his life mantra as being ”what’s the worst that can happen?” Jerome Smith has always been optimistic about taking on new challenges and generally having a go at anything and everything, but where has this attitude stemmed from? Read more…


Donnie Rust

Donnie Rust The Lost ExecutiveWhether or not Donnie Rust is full of grace remains to be seen but one thing is certain; he’s determined to make an impact on the landscape of business travel and entrepreneurial interests forever and thanks to co-founding The Lost Executive, he looks set to accomplish exactly that.

You might be under the impression that to be instilled with the necessary grit to make a go of things on your own, you need to struggle during formative years, but Donnie Rust is proof to the contrary. Having enjoyed a wonderful upbringing as part of a close-knit family in Durban, South Africa, he wanted for nothing yet strived for everything, Read More…