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The Best Ways To Make Your Road Trip Vehicle More Comfortable

If you’re off down the historic Route 66 for the month, with miles and miles of open road in front of you, you’ll want your vehicle to always be the best place to be. After all, you might have to sleep in your car from time to time, and if you’re not on the road alone, it’s better to be in a vehicle that’s comfortable when you have an argument! But don’t just pack some snacks and call it a day – make use of the tips below as well. 

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Pack More Than Music

Music can get a little boring after a while, even if you’re signing along to tunes you love. If you’re listening to the same two or three playlists every time you start the car up, you’re definitely going to get tired of the same melodies over and over! 

That’s why you should pack more than music. Take some podcasts along with you, downloaded directly to your device, meaning you won’t need a 4G or 5G signal to play them. If you like you can also take some audiobooks and even quizzes along with you, to keep you entertained the entire way. 

Keep the Sun Out with Window Tinting

Are your vehicle’s windows already tinted? You can check in the manual; some vehicles come with tinting already mixed into the glass. If you’ve bought the vehicle second hand, you could also look for an edge where tinting has been applied at some point after the vehicle rolled off the production line. 

If you find tinting isn’t there in either case, and you’re about to road trip in an area that’s notoriously sunny (like the desert), get the windows tinted before you go. You can do this for all kinds of vehicles, including tesla auto tinting, which is great if you have a custom made model that didn’t come with a tinting option. 

When windows are tinted, the car is going to stay cooler, even when parked underneath direct sunlight. You won’t need to use the onboard AC for as long as you usually would, which can save your fuel and make a tank full go even further. That could even mean you’re less likely to risk running on fumes when in the middle of nowhere! 

Slip a Few Extra Blankets and Cushions in

If you can sleep comfortably in the car, and you don’t have to worry about sub zero nights even when your only option is the car, you’re going to feel much safer when on the road. That’s why we recommend slipping some extra blankets and cushions in. 

Give yourself something soft to rest your head on, a few more layers to bundle up in, and even something to put behind your back while you’re driving. Plenty of people find sitting up straight without this extra support hard after a while! 

If you want your road trip to be as comfortable as possible, these are the kinds of tips to rely on.