How to Discreetly Market Your Business While You Travel

Honestly, who doesn’t just love the idea of getting unexpected opportunities while traveling? Specifically, unexpected business opportunities?  That’s right. Whenever you’re traveling, whether it be for your business or for leisure, why not look into this as an opportunity to help your business?

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But sure, it can be a tad tacky (or even not make too much sense) if you’re outwardly trying to market your business in an area where you don’t even serve costumes. But the goal is to get your business known, maybe even get a couple of people to look at your website or follow your social media. Basically, every little bit helps. So, with that said, how can you go about this a little bit discreetly? Well, here’s exactly what you need to know!

Use Car Stickers

Are you driving in a new location with your car? If you’re driving with your car, so it’s not a rental, then one subtle thing you could try would be car window stickers that have your branding on them. It’s super subtle, but at the same time, during traffic or even in a parking lot, it could potentially compel people to look into this and, who knows, maybe even follow you on social media. 

So this might help, or it might not help, but at the end of the day, you’re at least getting to save some money (because this is a really inexpensive way to market), and it’s going to be fairly low-stress, too, thanks to sticker printing services. So be sure to look into this, and you can even ask friends and family to put a sticker of your branding in their car, too. So that means even more subtle marketing when traveling! 

Bring Some Stickers with You

So this one is a bit tricky because it may or may not be vandalizing, and that’s something no business wants to do. So, in a lot of major cities, you’ll sometimes find a wall, a light pole, or even a restroom bar that’s filled with stickers. Sometimes, these stickers are of brands, sometimes they convey a message, sometimes they’re just silly, but it all varies. 

It’s hard to say if these are illegal or not, but you’ll usually find that these spots have faded stickers and even newer ones on them. But overall, this could be a potential way to subtly market your business when you’re out and about.

Try to Network Where You Can

Are you able to attend conferences or networking events wherever you’re going? Sometimes, these networking events are as small as just sitting around at a bar during happy hour. But another valuable networking tool is leveraging social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Twitter to connect with potential clients even when you’re on the go. 

But how? Well, think of it this way: by sharing updates about your travels and business activities, you can keep your brand visible and engage with prospective clients on a personal level.  Neither of these is the most subtle, but it could help.