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Can You Balance Business Travel and Owning a Dog?

A faithful four-legged companion can be the source of joy and comfort in otherwise busy lives. They are there to greet us after a long day at work, share in relaxing days off, and make every homecoming a celebrated event.

But what happens when your job requires significant travel? You are left wondering how to create harmony between your love for your dog and the responsibilities of your career. Read through some of the key considerations to discover if you can balance business travel and owning a dog.

Evaluating Your Travel Patterns

Begin the assessment by evaluating your travel patterns and considering how the trips would affect your dog. Are you taking primarily day trips, or do you find yourself away for multiple nights at a time? Are your destinations typically within driving distance, or do they require flying to another city or country? 

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Knowing the average duration and distance of your travels will help you plan better for your dog’s care. Then, you can better prepare them for the lifestyle ahead.

Training Begins From an Early Age

A well-behaved dog that understands your ever-changing schedule. Start with the basics, such as potty training, various commands, and other good behaviour. 

You’ll also want a chew-proof or traditional dog bed that accommodates your dog’s size. They’ll have a reliable sleeping space that makes them feel secure.

Next, ensure that the transition to travel is gradual. You should never abruptly leave your dog alone for several days or suddenly place them with a stranger. 

This process will take time for them to get used to. By at least five months old, your furry friend will have the training necessary to feel calm and happy when it comes to your travel habits. 

Staying Connected While You’re Away

Technology gives pet owners a special opportunity to keep in contact with dog sitters and see their furry friends. Pet cameras are great for monitoring behavior and getting to watch your pup play even while you’re gone.

It’s also valuable to communicate with the caregiver while you’re traveling. Whether through daily texts or video calls, you’ll feel connected and stay up-to-date on your dog’s well-being.

Taking Your Dog on Business Trips

It’s unlikely that you’re able to bring your furry friend along for the ride every time. However, there will be pet-friendly destinations here and there.

When the moment presents itself, take advantage of it! Look for dog-friendly accommodations and places to exercise and play. Some hotels go the extra mile by offering dog-sitting services!

Make the most of any downtime by exploring the new location with your dog. Visit local dog parks, go for a hike in the mountains, or take a stroll on a dog-friendly beach. These moments will enrich both you and your dog’s travel experiences.

Your professional career shouldn’t hinder personal wants and needs. It’s possible to find a balance between owning a dog and traveling for business! All it takes is a little extra effort for yourself and your furry friend along the way.