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3 Must-Visit Destinations if You Own an RV

When the open road calls, a rush of excitement fills the air. If you’re an RV owner seeking new horizons and fresh adventure, buckle up! Here’s your ticket to some of the most captivating and varied landscapes across this diverse country. From the rusty canyon to the misty ocean, we explore three must-visit destinations if you own an RV.

The Majestic Grand Canyon, Arizona

For people who worship at the altar of natural grandeur, the Grand Canyon is a pilgrimage you can’t afford to miss. As sunlight trickles over the mile-deep chasm, a canvas of red, gold, and orange unfolds before your eyes. The Grand Canyon RV Village, a stone’s throw from the South Rim, beckons with full hook-up campsites and prompt shuttle services to the canyon’s edge.

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But your Grand Canyon journey isn’t just expansive views; hike the Bright Angel Trail and descend into the heart of the earth, or camp under a star-studded sky at Mather Campground. As night falls and the canyon’s walls echo centuries of stories, you’ll understand why this wonder leaves all generations awestruck.

The Enchanting Charm of Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park treats travellers to towering sandstone cliffs, emerald pools, and the verdant embrace of the Virgin River. RVers can set up camp at the Watchman Campground, which offers prime proximity to the park’s shuttle system.

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The highlight of your Zion exploration might just be the renowned Angels Landing hike, a thrilling ascent complete with chains and breathtaking panoramas. And for a more serene experience, meander through the Narrows and feel the water’s cool caress in the canyon’s confines.

Pacific Perfection at Big Sur, California

The Central Coast’s wild edge merges with the sapphire embrace of the Pacific Ocean, a tapestry of misty forests, jagged cliffs, and rugged beaches. Make Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park your home for a night with your dream hauler—a taste of nature with RV sites nestled beneath towering redwoods.

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Here, the adventure is in the drive itself. The Pacific Coast Highway unfolds with every curve, revealing photogenic bridges, waterfall cascades across Highway 1, and jagged sea stacks that defy the ocean’s embrace. And don’t miss Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, where the iconic McWay Falls plummets into a pristine cove of cobalt blue.

Packing up the RV or your toy hauler for a road trip includes many small details, but don’t overlook the details offered in these three must-visit destinations. From the misty ocean spray at Big Sur to the vibrant hues on Zion, remember to fully embrace nature’s wonder and enjoy your trust hauler.

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