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PETERS FISHING TOURS. A look at the best fishing tours in East Africa’s waters.

Fishing safaris offer something that common land safaris cannot. For obvious reasons, vehicle and walking tours on land must maintain a certain distance from the wildlife in their natural habitat, whereas with fishing tours the fisherman is deeply involved in the environment. Land safaris are without a doubt incredible experiences, however for those with a love of angling, nothing competes with the deep engagement and satisfaction that is felt on a well-constructed fishing tour. 

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Owner, Peter Rajubuka is a fisherman to the core with easily over ten years of angling experience on some of East Africa’s best known waters. A full-time Ugandan licensed and insured fishing guide, his specialty is deep water tactics with a variety of live and artificial baits. Through many successful tours Peter has earned a sterling reputation as one of the most experienced specialists in the art of fishing in Uganda. 


The tours, which also include accommodation and transport, visit the River Nile, Lake Victoria, Lake Mburo, the Semliki River, and the Kazinga Channel. These areas are well known for their spectacular natural beauty, abundance of wildlife and of course their fish. But it is Peter’s flair, engaging personality and his nuanced understanding of the sport that promises an enjoyable and exhilarating day. Each tour can accommodate up to twenty people and Peter welcomes all levels of ability, saying: 

“Skill is not important as everyone learns something while fishing here, what is more important is a respect for the African waters and a love of fishing.”


The Nile River’s foreign monster.

According to Peter, the Nile perch is arguably the largest fish one can catch in Uganda. Growing up to two meters in length and sometimes weighing over 220kgs, (most of which is muscle), this monster was introduced to Uganda in the early 19th century and now dominate the waters. The Nile Perch is often caught using the smaller tiger fish as a bait and is sometimes found in the waters of the Murchison Falls National Park, which also boasts an abundant variety of fish species that still survive alongside it.  

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Fishing on Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria supports Africa’s largest inland fishery, providing habitats for many species of fish that are unique to the waters, such as cichlids, tilapia, elephantfish, killfish, marbled lungfish and of course the Nile perch. 


Guests need to bring their own gear and Peter recommends a rod between 11feet (3 metres) and 8 feet (2.4 metres) together with a fixed spool or multiplier reel. For the smaller species a 7′ spinning rod with 5 kg (10 lb) line is adequate. As for the reels, that really depends on what you’re looking to catch, as an example for Nile perch and catfish any reel fixed spool or multiplier with 30-35 lb line(17kg) will do. If a guest is unsure Peter is happy to make suggestions and offer guidance prior to arrival. 


The fishing tours are all catch and release and can be half day or full day excursions. Although the focus is on fishing, by virtue of the location’s guests will also be able to enjoy the wildlife coming to the water’s edge which include the African big five, elephants, rhinoceros, African buffalos and occasionally lions and leopards.  However, seldom are these animals competing in terms of fishing. 

Image Courtesy of Peters Fishing Tours.

As a final note, as is always the case when travelling in Africa and especially when spending time on the water, guests are advised to bring a suitable hat, sunglasses, water, and sunscreen. The standard guideline for visiting Africa, is to bring more sunscreen than you think you’ll ever need.

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