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The Best Gas Station Snacks for Road Trips

There are many snacks you could have on a road trip, and you can only have so many with you as you drive. Fortunately, plenty of gas stations will help you restock your convenient supply. There are many delicious snacks that will improve your time on the road and give you something to chew on to boost your mood.


Chips are the most obvious choice of gas station snacks for a road trip, as they’re salty and delectable. The variety of chips available makes them a great snack on the road, as there are many flavour combinations and bag sizes. Spicy Doritos, Cheetos, or even plain potato chips will give you a tasty snack on your road trip and excite your taste buds.

Donuts Holes

Most quality gas stations will have a display case of donuts that you may take with you. But some of these donuts may be large, cumbersome, and create a creme-filled mess. A better gas station snack for a road trip is donut holes, as they’re easier to eat and won’t leave as much of a mess in your car.

Donut holes may be powdered, glazed, or even chocolate-covered, giving you multiple options to choose from. Plus, they’ll make for a good morning snack with coffee from the same gas station.

Beef Jerky

In the past few decades, beef jerky has become a gourmet snack, and many people continue to enjoy its flavour and texture on their road trips. Jerky is long-lasting and won’t grow stale if you accidentally leave its package open.

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Beef jerky is lean, with a tough and delicious texture that will satisfy your stomach. Plus, the spices that come with the jerky will bring a quality taste that you’ll enjoy.

Any Chocolate Bar

The time you spend on the road may be tiring, and you’ll need something more filling than coffee to keep you up. Chocolate is a delicious snack and a source of caffeine to help you stay alert on the road.

The combined boost from the caffeine and the sugars in chocolate will give you a rush that will help you reenergize and satisfy your sweet tooth. KitKats, Reese’s, Hershey’s, and many other chocolate bars will be your best choice, and you can find all of them in almost any gas station. 

Gast station snacks are a great thing to have on the road. Choosing these snacks for your next road trip will make you a satisfied traveller.