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Travelsandmore. A travel blog review.

Bryony created travelsandmore as a means to document her own travels. Applying the skills she learnt in Liverpool after studying Tourism Management and working in digital marketing, she created a highly readable blog with a professional and easy to navigate website.

Dealing out useful, budget-based travel tips for Europe, Latin America and the world, travelsandmore is a valuable resource for anyone researching into long gap year breaks, adventures or holidays. There are also bound to be more than a couple of digital nomads who would find her insight very useful.


With a comfortable, easy flowing writing style Bryony’s story is as inspiring as any of the posts she has on her website. Her adventure began at 18 when she went to work in Tuscany, Italy. Within two years she had  visited 32 different countries mainly in Europe and Latin America (Central and South) and she has also been to Cambodia as part of a Volunteer Tourism project that ended up inspiring her undergraduate dissertation.

“Travelling tends to inspire people,” she says, “And while I started this to purely document my travels during a six month trip, it has since evolved into a platform that provides guides and useful content for users and also additional income for myself, allowing me to travel more.”


Not afraid to delve deep into the less-spoken topics of travel such as travelling with chronic pain, Bryony’s writing engages on a personal level and creates a sense of familiarity that is so important for today’s travel journalists and bloggers. Often referring to personal experiences and tastes travelsandmore is an insight into the world through the eyes of a chronic traveller dedicated to seeing as much of the world as possible.

Professionally, Bryony works in travel and financial services and also provides copywriting, PR and marketing services to boot.  She spends at least one hour a day on her blog and sometimes up to six. When working with clients, depending on availability she will turn around projects in seven days at most.


Travelsandmore has a 29 DA score, and combined with the audiences she has across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, she has roughly 1000 monthly readers. Highly engaged with her readers, she has provided invaluable information and inspiration to many a backpacker seeking unique and memorable experiences.


Depending on the size of the project Bryony charges between £40 – £150 and is also open to barter exchanges.

PEN/BLOGGER NAME: Bryony Clapperton