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How To Put Travel First And Your Career Second

Putting your career second in life sounds like heresy, but more people are doing it. Life should be about more than simply going to the office, doing a job, and then coming home in the evening. It should also be filled with passion, adventure, and exploration. 

But how do you relegate your career in your life and elevate travel? Is it even practical? 

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Fortunately, we think the answer is yes. Sure, you might need to make some compromises, but the rewards are worth it. Here’s what to do: 

Work Remotely

The most obvious option is to work freelance or remotely. If you can do your entire job on your laptop and over the Internet, you can go wherever you want.

Look for employment opportunities that allow you to work remotely. Find companies who are willing to recruit you overseas and don’t mind where you work. Pay particular attention to startups looking for skilled staff. These companies may be more generous with working conditions to attract the people they want. 

Use Contract Work

Another approach is to do contract work. You take on projects lasting anywhere up to 30 weeks and use the rest of the time to travel and do your thing. 

Contract work is generally well-paid. However, you will need a valuable skill to pull it off. Being able to offer companies value at a moment’s notice can be an excellent way to earn enough money to support you as you travel the rest of the year. 


Another option is to downsize and simplify your lifestyle. Choosing a smaller house and cycling to work instead of driving a car reduces your monthly outgoings substantially, letting you dedicate more resources to travel

When downsizing, consider location. Think about how you can live in the optimal location for work while reducing your costs at the same time.

Downsizing reduces your financial responsibilities and gives you more time to travel and simply do your thing. If you want to travel and only need one bedroom, live in a small apartment and not a large five-bedroom house. 

Travel For Work

Another approach advocated by agencies like Advantis is to travel for work. For example, you could become a traveling nurse, educator, or political representative. These careers mean you can jet set all over the world and visit dozens of countries every year. And you won’t be working the whole time. That means you’ll have evenings, weekends, and vacations to explore and indulge in the local cultures. 

Build Portable Skills

Another tactic is to build portable skills in demand at your desired destination. You are more likely to get work in a foreign country if it has a shortage of people who can do what you do. 

Focus on industries that are spreading across the globe. Look for skills that require travel and also allow you to solve problems in multiple countries. In this regard, focusing on the hospitality sector might be a smart move. Most countries need professionals to help them improve the running of their hotels.