A Love Letter to Keswick Boot Company, of Keswick.

Your choice of boot makes a dramatic difference, not only to your foot and ankle safety but also to your comfort on long walks and hikes, camping safety and your general pride and reputation with potential mates. Keswick Boot Company, a multi award winning independent business in the heart of Keswick United Kingdom, understands the importance of the above. We believe that it is a unique relationship between a foot and its footwear, a relationship that must be nurtured step by step. In our search for a supplier, we consulted with dozens of companies but only Keswick seemed to be in step with us. 

The galumphing, gargantuan git that sits in our editor’s chair takes a size thirteen boot and stands six foot five when he slouches. He benches 120kg and enjoys working remotely from a tent in the middle of the Highlands yet has the ankles of a duckling. We explained this to Keswick and expected to be politely turned away, instead, the answer was fast and immediate, “You’ll be wanting some Han Wags.” 

Below are the important things that a footwear should offer the wearer as a love letter to Keswick Boot Company and the extraordinary boot brand currently cutting new trails over Ben Nevis. 

Outlasting you. If you think you’ll outlast the boot, it’s not the boot for you. If you’re a hiker, you want your boots to be what people find of you long after the rest has been reclaimed by the hill. If Han Wags could speak, they would scoff.


The kind of leather you could eat. On the other hand, there’s a reason why leather boots have remained the primary boot textile of the boot industry. Yes, you have other fabrics and materials that may create bulletproof, fireproof and waterproof boots, but there is an unspoken but very real functionality to be found with the knowledge that, if you absolutely had to, you could eat your own shoes. This is the opinion of our editor. 

Heroic. Look at any modern superhero’s feet and you’ll notice something interesting; superheroes wear boots. There are exceptions but these are functional, for example Spider Man’s stickiness would never get through the thick soles of a Han Wag. Batman, Superman, Shazam (terrible example), Black Adam and of course the latest hero of note Wednesday Addams wear boots. Boots are formidable, at once commanding respect from those around you- even if it starts at the shins and works its way up. Buy the boots that, when you’re lacing them up, makes you feel like the star of a video montage of awesomeness.

Cue melodramatic music. Something with drums.

An epic manufacturing process. Remember that film that had a sword being forged with hammer and anvil? The same applies with boots. Not the anvil and hammer (although that would be cool), but with the manufacturing process. Look at this image of a Han Wag boot being forged, see the size of the clamp needed to keep that beast in place? Nearby mountains are shrinking in fear.

Forged with steel.

The footfall. Do the walk test with the boots prior to purchase. Boots encourage one to stride or strut from the heel to the toe and allows the walker to walk at their pace. If you want to run around everywhere, you buy a pair of sneakers, or track shoes, but when you’re hiking up a mountain, you take your time. When you’re walking through the city streets on the way to the cinema, you take your time. Find yourself walking towards a gang of street level criminal scum harassing innocent commuters in the Subway? Take your time. 


Images Courtesy of Keswick Boot Company.