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Quinta das Cycas. The quintessential Island Getaway. Nordeste. Portugal.  

Visiting Nordeste should be on everyone’s travel list of destinations and Quinta das Cycas, the latest offering by Tradicampo, Portugal’s eco-accommodation specialists, could be the ideal place to stay while ticking off some other must-do’s from your list.

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Situated on São Miguel, an island in the Portuguese Azores with a population of less than five thousand people , Nordeste is blessed with equal parts history, natural beauty, gorgeous food and an amazing culture for hospitality. Tales of visiting this island include basking in the divine sunshine, enjoying the cool evenings, getting fat on their ridiculously delicious food and being welcomed like family.


Firmly adherent to the local tradition of making guests feel right at home, there are still many island activities to pull you away from the villa for hours at a time. Trails aplenty wait to be explored and the highest point on São Miguel island, Pico Da Vara beckons seasoned hikers and adventurers like a beacon. There is even the chance to see the Azorean Bullfinch (priolo), a rare endemic bird that has found a final refuge in the trees of the island’s Laurissilva forest. Alternatively, guests can bask in the infinite pool, meditate on the contemplation decks or simply enjoy the pleasure of a game of croquet.

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“Good holidays become great memories when there are unique treasures to find and rare experiences to share,” says Ricardo Peixoto, manager of Tradicampo Eco Country Houses, “These make the most worthwhile and colourful memories.”

And, with great respect to the natural heritage of their country, Tradicampo Eco Country Houses have maintained the balance between comfort and care. Founded in 2009, the company represents the rural business tourism area in Nordeste and understands that sustainability is not a goal to be achieved but rather an ongoing journey.


With a total accommodation selection of eight properties that have earned Tradicampo five star ratings on TripAdvisor as well as the Green Key Eco Label every year since 2012, the Quinta Das Cycas is the latest offering.

Quinta das Cycas dates back to the 19th century and has been fully converted into the four villas.  Benefitting from orchard, sea and mountain views as well as individual boutique touches, each of these offer their own unique flare to inspire and welcome guests.

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Casa Da Cisterna

 Following the mantra that “great memories are made of small details”, this apartment offers stylish decorations, luxurious amenities, a gloriously comfortable bed and strong shower. For morning breakfast and coffee there is the calming corner overlooking the garden and for evenings the crackling fire adds that special, holiday atmosphere.

O Granel

 Five hundred metres from the Vigia da Baleia Viewpoint, the premier spot for whale and dolphin watching, the villa’s balcony offers a view of the infinite blue ocean stretching to the horizon. Surrounded by green fields and blessed with warm breezes it’s suitable for those seeking adventure or the solace of sinking into a good book.

Casa do Arco

 Intense colours await guests behind these balcony doors. Considered by many as the perfect artist’s refuge. A private space for creatives to have their imagination reinvigorated by the natural splendour, the modern lines and traditional decor.

Estúdio da Varanda

Prominently situated on the top floor of Casa do Arco,  Estúdio da Varanda sits pride of place to take full advantage of the views, the atmosphere and the magnificent weather that this island is so well known for.


Members of Green Key as well as part of the EcoLeaders programme on TripAdvisor, Tradicampo applies a specific sustainability plan for all their properties. This includes making sure that every aspect of a stay is eco-conservative and wastes as little as possible. Without encroaching upon the guest experience. From thermal insulation to contain heat, to energy saving appliances; biodegradable cleaning agents and green waste destined for garden composting, everything is accounted for.

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Ricardo reveals that today’s travellers are eco-conscious and interested in the environmental impact of a location, as much as its amenities and offerings. This sensitivity aligns well with Tradicampo’s focus on protecting the natural value of Nordeste and the island.

“Ultimately,” he says, “Everyone craves a pristine island getaway and you won’t get closer to this than our beautiful São Miguel.”

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