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Nimmu House. Himalayans.

For those seeking to explore the Himalayan paths and discover the culture and beauty within this region, Nimmu House has been providing the ideal spot to stay since 2012 and proving that, as we covered last time we featured them, there is much more to the Himalayans than just mountains.

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Ten thousand feet above sea level and less than an hour from the capital of Ladakh, this beautiful establishment has become an emblem of the region and an ambassador for the protection and preservation of local heritage. With a rich story of its own and boasting the most spectacular views from its rooftop, Nimmu House should be near the top of everyone’s bucket list.


There are five heritage rooms that are perfectly designed in respect of the Ladakhi culture and seven deluxe glamping tents in the resident orchard. Each accommodation has its own private bathroom and wherever possible everything is supplied by local regional businesses.

The star gazing here is quite amazing thanks to the altitude and the lack of air pollution.

There are lights in the garden at the property, not only to show off how beautiful it is there after the sunsets, but also for anyone going for a night-time stroll. Also, flashlights are provided in rooms and tents for when guests have to cross the garden to get to the restaurant. Nevertheless, this small countenance to light pollution is not enough to impede the appreciation of the heavens at night.

Apricot and apple trees fill the air with their aromas and guests will no doubt appreciate the freshness of every breath at over three kilometres above sea level.

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Staying here is an experience that allows guests to immerse completely into the local culture while enjoying an unbeatable comfort in this remote region of the Himalayas.

During the day, guests will hear birds, Tibetan ceremonies, locust in the trees and the sound of the river that passes by the house garden. The sorts of animals that can be spotted are marmot, yaks, cows, goat, eagles (you have to look up for them), and in wintertime snow leopards which guests can see while enjoying the nearby nature trails.  Fortunately, thanks to the altitude, there are no mosquitoes or spiders so many city dwellers will be relieved about that.

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During high season, which is July and August, in the early morning the temperature is between 10 to 12 degrees Celsius and in the afternoon around 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. During this time the environment is green and beautiful with the water coming down from the mountains and pouring into the rivers and lakes. During this time the sediment build up makes the lakes brown, whereas when compared to wintertime (November to April), the mountains are full of snow and the lakes are sparkling blue.

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Planning to visit the Himalayans?

PRICE: Average $160.00 US

ADDRESS: Nangso House Nimmu, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir 194101

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