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The creepiest villages in Europe revealed

From a cursed Spanish village to the sites of Italian witch trials and satanic worship in Wales, travel experts at have researched spine-chilling spots guaranteed to cause a fright.

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Europe has a long and bloody history making it a hot spot for paranormal activity full of haunted places with gruesome pasts. Horror enthusiasts will be fascinated to visit Pluckley, the most haunted village in Britain and Bran, in Transylvania, home to the lair of Count Dracula.

 “Those hoping to embrace the supernatural are in luck because there are plenty of creepy villages across Europe to visit,” John Charnock, CEO of said, “Countries in Europe have a long and gruesome history, including witch trials, gruesome public executions and plague pits.

“From Roslin in Scotland which is said to be home to the mummified head of Jesus Christ, to deadly witch trials in Triora, Italy- many villages have a troubling past.”

Here are StressFreeCarRental’s seven creepiest villages in Europe:

  1. Bran, Romania

Located in the heart of Transylvania, Bran is famously home to Draculas Castle, also known as Brans Castle. Many believe the bone-chilling castle, with secret passages and medieval torture instruments still present, is home to evil. Myths maintain that Dracula, the most famous vampire, used the castle as his lair to feed on the blood of innocents whose spirits still haunt the castle.

  1. Triora, Italy

Triora has a dark history of witch trials which involved hundreds of people and ended in death for many women. Over 300 women were accused and interrogated for being witches, and as many as 50 were tortured and killed.  The trials saw them accused of crimes such as having relationships with the devil, making poisonous potions and transforming themselves into cats.

  1. Pluckley, England

Pluckley has a reputation for being the most haunted village in Britain and is even credited with the title by the Guinness Book of Records. There are thought to be at least twelve ghostly inhabitants. This includes the ghost of a Gypsy woman who drowned in a stream, the hanging body of a schoolmaster and a lady who haunts the churchyard of St Nicholas’s.

  1. Ochate, Spain

The abandoned village of Ochate has had numerous reports of ghostly sightings, said to be a result of three epidemics taking the lives of the villagers. From mysterious lights to eerie voices of women and children telling explorers to “get out,” the village now has a reputation for being cursed.

  1. Roslin, Scotland

Roslin is home to the  500-year-old Rosslyn Chapel, which is haunted by several spirits and creepy artefacts. There are rumours that the chapel’s original crypt, which has been sealed off for years, is home to the Holy Grail, and the mummified head of Jesus Christ. There are stories of many spirits lurking in and around the chapel including a knight riding on horseback and a mysterious lady in white.

  1. Skrinjari, Croatia

Skrinjari has a history of death, murder and hauntings, but is most notorious for the abandoned Skrinjari house. The house is allegedly cursed because it was built on a cemetery, awakening the dead from their eternal sleep. Locals report a sense of unease around the house and even say that traffic accidents are frequent there.

  1. Tintern, Wales

Tintern is home to the old church of St Mary’s said to be haunted by monks, and shadowy figures which have frequently been spotted in the churchyard. There has also been evidence of satanic rituals in the church ruins, and locals say they steer clear because of a looming dark presence.

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