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BLUE DIAMOND TRANQUILITY. Peace personified on a slice of paradise. Belize.  

Blue Diamond Tranquility Resort sits on the edge of the Caribbean Sea and stands alone in its own category of luxurious boutique experience. Accommodating up to twenty guests with ease, it is a perfect venue for those memorable events with family and friends, or those legendary corporate functions destined to live-on in infamy.  Alternatively, it’s also a perfect location for peace, quiet and rejuvenation where the glamour and prestige of a Hollywood film set combines with the comfort and luxury of a five-star boutique hotel. Founders Daryl and Valerie Maurer, who herald from Canada, have gone out of their way to create a place that will calm even the most turbulent mind while driving any Instagram following into a frenzy of jealousy. 

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Thanks to a combination of wonderful weather, welcoming people, a pro-tourism culture and some of the most stunning landscapes, Belize has, for many years, been an attractive holiday and tourist hotspot. Once considered a “secret” destination for those in-the-know it has grown in global popularity but hasn’t lost its charm as a hidden gem in Central American destinations. Attracting many modern travellers with its rich tapestry of offerings, blending history, natural beauty and all-year round temperate climate, Belize has become a destination of choice. 

History enthusiasts can explore the ancient Mayan ruins scattered throughout the country, like Caracol and Xunantunich which bear witness to a detailed and storied past. Meanwhile, Belize City, the nation’s former capital, stands in stark contrast and boasts colonial-era architecture that adds a significant historic depth to the country’s narrative.

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For the ocean lovers, The Belize Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, invites snorkelers and divers to discover a vibrant marine world, including the famous Great Blue Hole, a giant marine sinkhole off the Belize coast in the middle of the Lighthouse Reef that is 318 metres across and 124 metres deep. Those preferring their adventure on land, will find that the lush rainforests offer an abundance of hiking and wildlife-watching opportunities and cave tubing adventures through subterranean rivers, like Actun Tunichil Muknal, are a unique delight and should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Of course, we cannot overlook the immersive quality of the local culture. Belize’s diverse population ensures a blend of traditions and cuisines, from Creole to Garifuna, influencing not only the style of food, but of music, theatre, and nightlife. Guided tours and eco-friendly experiences abound, from birdwatching in the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary to exploring the mystical ATM Cave. Belize is a modern traveller’s paradise, where history, nature, and adventure converge under the sun.


Belize, in the rainforest dominated east coast of South America, is far removed from Daryl and Valerie’s Saskatchewan home in Canada, but this has given them a clear sense of how to shape their resort for other international travellers. The location, the Placencia Peninsula, is a thin strip of land connected to Belize in the north at Caribbean Way and offers a sense of exclusivity that is only enhanced by the enviable seaside view of the Caribbean Sea.

One might say that Daryl and Valerie were making a point when they chose the amenities for their property, as they wanted its unique style to speak for itself. The luxurious home is oceanfront and accommodates up to twenty people, offering multiple options to enjoy the general bliss that pervades the area. This may include indulging in the rooftop hot tub or watching the sunset from one of the balconies. Maybe some pool volleyball or a game of pickleball in one of the two private pickleball courts? Or, if you fancy it, have the private butler fix a favourite beverage at the huge eighteen-person outdoor tiki roofed bar while watching the chef prepare the meals. 

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As one digital nomad who visited here was quoted on saying, “This place has ruined me for anywhere else.”


Blue Diamond Tranquility Resort, includes eight luxury bedrooms, sits right on the Placencia beach peninsula with two private levels that have a combined capacity of twenty guests. There is a 24 ft (7.32 metre) by 32ft (9.75 metre) heated pool with an attached hot tub. On the roof is a 10ft (3 metre) by 15ft (4.57 metre) hot tub and four of the bedrooms come with private balconies. Unfortunately, sun lovers will have to make a tough decision on whether to work on their tan at the lounge pool area or on the neighbouring beach.  

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Nothing declutters the mind like open space and Blue Diamond Tranquility offers 12000 square feet (3657 square metres) of it and a 360-degree view of the ocean and lagoon. This provides an incredible, unobstructed view of the sunsets and the stars, without needing to leave the water. The eight bedrooms are divided between the two floors with four at the poolside and four on the penthouse level. 

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Each room comes with a 60-inch TV, and two 75-inch TVs are in the living rooms with a 70-inch television at the pool bar. Reducing the possibility of arguments over who gets to watch what and when (a sign that the Maurers know a thing or two about providing for all holidaying types).  

It’s easy to reach the mainland from the peninsula, and Belize is well worth a visit and will not disappoint. For a full list of the best places to scope out, Daryl and Valerie are happy to offer bespoke suggestions depending on what a guest is in the mood for. 

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Valerie reveals that as licenced tour operators, they can arrange bespoke tours across Belize and have taken extra steps to further enhance the guest experience. One of these includes their seaside pier, which has proved convenient for ocean tour collections and a perfect spot for spear or line fishing. 

“We also have a twenty-two-passenger limousine party bus that most guests rent to get picked up from the airport,” she adds, “Enabling them to enjoy the rainforest ride to our resort in proper style.”


Considering that Blue Diamond Tranquility Resort is backed by an affordable price guarantee and Belize’s weather attracts tourists and travellers throughout the year, it is always advisable to book ahead. This can be done on their website where additional information regarding the stay, activities and general information can also be found. 


Suitable for digital nomads, travelling businessfolk and family/friends’ getaways.

Free WIFI and cable television are available.


Address: Mile 13.5, Placencia Peninsula, Belize

Text  Phone: +1 (306) 424-7785