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Since 2005, Feno Andrianomenjanahary has been showcasing Madagascar’s wondrous diversity to local and foreign travellers looking to experience this one-of-a-kind island. In 2018, he launched the travel management and tourism enterprise Made in Madagascar to capitalise on the superb reputation built over the previous thirteen years.

Images courtesy of Made in Madagascar.

Working with his wife (and a few friends during the high season), their approach is to organise all kinds of tourism and car rental across Madagascar, serving those travellers seeking to be shown around the island and those wishing the freedom and autonomy to wander.


Madagascar is a completely unique island, with flora and fauna not found anywhere else in the world. Set in the Indian Ocean, the tropical climate makes it an all-year round destination even if the temperature can shift from 10 degrees Celsius at night to 32 Celsius during the day. Feno says that the best time to visit is between March and November, which is the dry period. Not to say that December to March, which is the wet season, won’t appeal to some travellers but it really does depend on what the visitor is looking for as the rain and sun draw out different wonders on the island.

Images courtesy of Made in Madagascar.

“In my opinion, the best thing about Madagascar is the possibility of diversity in term of climate and activities,” he says, “It never fails to surprise.”


A family enterprise at heart, along with their three freelance friends, the business revolves around creating inspiring moments. Community is an important aspect of Madagascan society and tourism brings a great deal of advantages to the local economy.  Even better, sustainable tourism offers a chance to do this while maintaining the ecology of the area as well. This is an investment in the future especially when considering that Madagascar’s location is one of the singularly diverse in the world.


Since Covid’s travel lockdowns, Feno has noticed a tendency for people to book and travel at the last minute, which requires availability and above all a rapid reaction in the travel industry. Another trend is many young travellers taking sabbaticals to go away for longer periods. In 2022, Made in Madagascar worked with a couple who travelled with them for 91 days!

Images courtesy of Made in Madagascar.


 A website update is coming to further facilitate the growth of Made in Madagascar which will no doubt open a range of additional opportunities for the company. Easily one of the most exciting developments for the upcoming year is a unique road trip combining Madagascar’s glorious road scenery with its detailed history.

Citroen 2CV. Image Source.

Feno reveals that this tour will either include the famous Citroën 2CV or the Renault 4 which are more than just vintage cars in Madagascar, but part of its history and significant to their culture.  The plan is for the tour to last several days, driving in style and visiting a host of Madagascar’s important cultural, historical, and natural destinations. These include the Queen’s palace in Antananarivo, “ilot de la vierge” the geographic centre of the island, as well Ankarata Mountain, the third highest in Madagascar and the highest that is safely accessible via vehicle.

Renault 4. Image Source.

The plan is to offer a comprehensive adventure that is particularly stylish and unique that can showcase not only the wildlife of this island, but the important history that has shaped it.

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Photographic credit: Jacques MONTEREAU  and Gosia KUPNIKA