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Zimbabwe offers a lot for the avid traveller, and Customise Travel and Tours exist to help make selecting what to see and do while on safari, easier and rewarding.


For those who prefer a taste of history with their adventure, Zimbabwe is a destination of choice. Along with a diverse range of fauna and flora including Africa’s most famous animals, the country also boasts the legendary Victoria Falls, which has spellbound visitors to the country for centuries. And, the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, UNESCO World heritage site that tells the tale of a flourishing medieval civilisation that archaeologists are still deciphering.

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It must be said that it’s the people that make Zimbabwe great. Hospitable to visitors and happy to share their vibrant culture and welcome newcomers to their tapestry of traditions, strangers soon become friends. The engaging local rituals and bustling markets turn a visit to the cities into as much an authentic and multifaceted adventure as you’ll get in the wild.


As detailed on their website, Customise Travel and Tours came together to help people plan and book their dream vacations. With several years of professional experience in coordinating stylish adventure travel between them, the group is comprised of travellers who are well versed in the secrets of rewarding expeditions.


Providing a range of services to their customers (many of which are repeat), the company can assist on many levels. Be it for a cruise or safari, plane tickets, accommodation abroad or a fully exclusive package, they work directly with businesses to get the best deals not available to the public. Their principle is simple, tell them what you need, and they’ll figure out the rest. Fostering long-term working relationships has allowed Customise Travel and Tours to develop an insight into how their clients’ preferences enable them to offer a completely satisfying experience.


Comprehensive travel opportunities are the name of the game. These can include overnight multi-day tours and game drives across Zimbabwe. Game drives include overnight tours through Hwange and Chobe national parks. Overnight stays at Victoria Falls as well as a 13 day-12-night tour of Zimbabwe providing a full package of game and city tours, including stays at quality safari lodges and elephant interaction!

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Humans and nature have interacted in Zimbabwe for thousands of years. The oldest cave and rock paintings can be found there and the history of this country is a densely cross-section of cultures ranging from the harmonious bushman who lived in this area since pre-history, to the colonies and finally to modern culture.

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Over and above the tours there are a heap of engaging activities that Customise Travel and Tours offer, including the Chinotimba Township Tour, Devils Pool Tour, The Boma Place of Eating, Helicopter Flight, Village Tour, Victoria Falls Game Drive, Elephant Interaction Game our, Zambezi River Sunset Cruise, Guided Tour of The Falls, and the Hwange National Park Game Drive.

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