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Creating the perfect safari experience requires some key factors working together. Location, season, style and know-how are important but chief among them is having a reliable travel agent and tour consultant who can unite these into a comprehensive and actionable plan. This is as much an artform as it is a science.

Headquartered in Mirage Plaza, Mombasa Road in Nairobi, Kenya, All-Time Safaris are specialists in their field with a reputation of creating the safaris that meet, and go beyond, a guest’s expectations. Turning their dreams into reality and with an agreeable price tag.

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World-famous for it’s wildlife, people and history, Kenya is synonymous with adventure and a hotspot for thrill seekers searching for as much culture as nature. Thanks to its position and climate, the variety of flora and fauna and its terrain, Kenya has watched humans travel across its lands since pre history and, as far as we can tell, has been consistently inhabited. Today, it is home to at least 42 diverse ethnic communities, the most renowned being the Maasai who have become famous for their hunting prowess and dressing style.

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As one of the premier tour companies, All-Time Safaris and Tours have coverage of all East Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. These include national parks for wildlife and game tours as well as accommodation in the most luxurious safari lodges and boutique hotels.


For those seeking the veritable safari experience a range of safari tour packages are available that include adventure tours, bird watching, luxury safaris, family holidays, cultural tours, primate and other wildlife safaris. These tours also fall into different modes, including air travel, photography, horse riding, fishing, mountaineering and sports and golfing safaris.

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For those seeking shorter, more involved experiences, there are a number of day tours available that can fit into one afternoon such as the guided Nairobi City Tour and Nairobi National Park Visit. Or a visit to the Bomas Of Kenya, an authentic recreation of one of the forty-two indigenous Kenyan tribes with dancing in the afternoon.

Kenya hosts a number of important animal shelters that can be visited, like the Karen Blixen Museum and the Giraffe Centre, where guests can experience the historic museum dedicated to one of the pioneering coffee farmers and an up-close and personal visit with giraffes at the giraffe centre.

Or, the Daphne Shedrick Elephant Orphanage, which cares and rehabilitates orphaned baby elephants and rhinos who have lost their mothers. Looking after them, raising them and eventually releasing them into the wild.

For those guided by their stomachs, the Carnivore Restaurant awaits. A world-famous phenomenon and a must-have for anyone visiting Kenya who enjoys meat in all it’s shades, the Carnivore Restaurant has been consistently ranked amongst the top 50 restaurants in the world and considered by many to be Africa’s Greatest Eating Experience.

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Contacting All-Time Safaris can be done via telephone or via their website where an agent will be in touch ASAP to discuss plans and ideas, gather research/options and help work out the best plan to create the perfect experience for each guest. All the information can be found on the website.

WEBSITE: www.alltimesafaris.com

TELEPHONE: 00254 702 460 290

EMAIL: info@alltimesafaris.com

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