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4 Reasons To Visit Vancouver Island for Your Next Vacation

One of the most underrated vacation destinations on the West Coast lies just off the shore of British Columbia, Canada, and Washington State: Vancouver Island. Here are several reasons you should consider visiting Vancouver Island for your next vacation!

Easier Travel 

One of the best benefits of traveling to Vancouver Island is how easy it is to get there compared to international destinations. Vancouver Island is only a short plane trip away for those who live in North America, American citizens won’t need visas. You can fly into Victoria International Airport or travel to the island via ferry. Affordable ferries make continuous trips between Washington State and the city of Victoria; traversing the international waters to Vancouver Island is a great experience. 

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More Affordable

Another great reason to visit Vancouver Island for your next vacation is that it’s much more affordable than international vacation destinations such as Europe. A plane ticket to Europe, no matter the country, is expensive. In comparison, a flight to Victoria is often half the price of a ticket to Europe, depending on where you’re flying from. And when you get to Vancouver Island, lodging is incredibly affordable for families, couples, and solo travellers alike. 

Incredible Camping and Outdoor Opportunities

If you’re a nature-lover who enjoys days of hiking, biking, or just exploring nature, few destinations are better than Vancouver Island. It’s filled with plenty of camping destinations and stunning natural trails ranging from coastal voyages to casual treks through the Canadian wilderness. 

For those who love the sea, one of the top things to do on Vancouver Island is to go whale-watching. A boat tour will get you incredible views of astounding aquatic animals, including humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, and porpoises.

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City of Victoria 

If you’re more of a historic traveller who loves architecture and spending time touring cities via walking trails or bikes, Vancouver Island has you covered, too. The capital of British Columbia, Victoria, is a beautiful, historic city. With its historic British architecture, the British Columbia Legislature building is massive and gorgeous, and it offers guided and solo tours all day—you may even see some Canadian politicians at work! The entire city has a heavy English influence, from double-decker buses to colourful gardens and tearooms, so it’s like visiting England from the comfort and ease of Canada.

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