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How To Be an Attentive Leader While You’re Traveling

If the pandemic taught companies anything, it’s that it is possible to have a functional business without working inside the office. More companies are taking advantage of this new work-from-home era.

As the leader of your business, you’ve found that you can travel the world while continuing to complete your responsibilities. Nevertheless, remaining an attentive leader while traveling frequently is essential. Consider our advice below to progress in this remote work environment while improving your leadership skills.

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Always Schedule Meetings Based on the Team’s Time Zone

While you might be eating lunch at noon in another country, your team is just beginning their workday back in the U.S. Always schedule meetings based on the team’s time zone. Although it may be inconvenient for you, it’s a simple sacrifice to make to help your team’s day move smoothly.

Don’t Get Caught Up in the Thrill of Travelling

You have a team that relies on your guidance. Without it, your company will come crumbling down. Develop a detailed schedule so the team knows your availability. 

Mark times when anyone is free to message you with questions, when you’re unavailable, and when you will be out exploring the new city. Transparency is the best way to ensure your team thrives.

Use an Open Forum for Feedback

Disagreements, mistakes, and concerns arise in person and in remote work environments. Despite traveling, attentive leaders listen to their employees.

An open forum is a great way to receive feedback and make improvements. Employees can state their names or remain anonymous. Then, you can address issues before they get out of hand, so you’re always making team advancements no matter where you are in the world.

Establish Professional Goals for Yourself

Traveling is an incredible luxury. You’re fortunate enough to continue working while experiencing beautiful new sights. You know yourself best. Every leader performs differently with contrasting strengths and weaknesses. 

Establish professional goals to keep yourself in check through your travels. Pay attention to the forum and keep an open mind to growth. Success for yourself and the team comes from awareness and hard work.

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