Sheridan Lifts. The Importance of Hotel Lift Hygiene and Maintenance – A Guide.

Today, most hotels, especially the bigger, more known chains, operate with a degree of quality that is ensured to make the guests feel cared for and comfortable. One aspect that is often underestimated, however, is the hotel lift or elevator. Overlooking the state of cleanliness of your lifts and elevators is mistake, as it directly impacts the overall guest experience and even the hotel’s reputation.

As the UK’s leading independent lift company, offering lift installations, maintenance and repair services across the United Kingdom, Sheridan Lifts take this often underprioritized area of lift maintenance very seriously. Having dominated the market in lift installation for forty years they know the value of “prevention is better than cure”.

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The Unseen Impression

Picture this: a weary traveller steps into your hotel’s lobby, bags in hand, eyes searching for comfort and luxury. They press the elevator button, and the doors slide open to reveal a tarnished, unkempt lift interior. It certainly doesn’t scream ‘inviting’ or ‘comfort’. Whether you realise it or not, that elevator journey is more than just a ride between floors—it’s an experience, a microcosm of your hotel’s standards.

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Much like the lobby bathroom, the hotel lift serves as an introduction, providing guests with an initial glimpse of what awaits them during their stay. A well-maintained and hygienic elevator interior reflects your commitment to excellence, while a neglected one could plant doubts about the overall quality of your establishment. Guests take in every detail, even those seemingly insignificant, and they judge accordingly.

Hygiene: A Silent Necessity

Maintaining the hygiene of your hotel lifts isn’t only aesthetics—it’s also a matter of safety and guest satisfaction. Lifts, by nature, are enclosed spaces that see a constant influx of people from diverse backgrounds. With this comes the potential for the spread of germs which, especially in light of recent global events, is now a point of concern for most. A pristine lift is a commitment to safeguarding the health of your guests, as well as being very visually impressive.

Regular cleaning and disinfection of the lift interior, buttons, handrails, and other touchpoints should be a non-negotiable aspect of your maintenance routine. Investing in the right cleaning products and practices will display your dedication to the guest’s health and well-being and improve their experience and stay. 

Beyond Clean: Elevator Aesthetics

As guests step into the elevator, their eyes inevitably wander. What they see will profoundly influence their perception and opinion of your hotel. Just as a well-designed lobby bathroom can elevate the guest experience, a stylish and well-maintained lift interior can work wonders. From the lighting to the flooring, every single element contributes to the overall ambience guest experience.

Strive for a consistent design language that aligns with your hotel’s identity. Elegant lighting fixtures, tasteful flooring, and well-crafted finishes can transform a mundane lift ride into a memorable part of the guest’s journey. If you’re seeking inspiration on how to keep your platform lift looking great, check out the following blog!

Dumbwaiters: Not to be Forgotten

While hotel guests might not directly interact with dumbwaiters, these behind-the-scenes workhorses play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless service. Whether it’s transporting luggage or delivering room service trays, dumbwaiters contribute to the smooth functioning of your establishment. Whilst it may not be at the top of the list in terms of importance, ignoring their upkeep can lead to disruptions in service and, in turn, impact your overall workplace efficiency.

A guide to maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of your dumbwaiter can be found on this link. To reflect your commitment to a flawless guest experience ensure that regular inspections, cleaning, and servicing of dumbwaiters are completed.

Elevate Your Brand

Just like a lobby bathroom serves as an extension of your hotel’s identity, so does your elevator. Every opportunity to connect with your guests and reinforce your brand should be seized. When incorporating design elements, consider those that resonate with your hotel’s theme or history. An elevator journey that aligns with your brand story creates a cohesive narrative that guests can appreciate and remember.

Continuous technological advancements are further improving the elevator experience for guests, and by embracing innovation, you demonstrate your commitment to providing not just comfort but a pioneering attitude, and a touch of luxury. Touchless buttons, digital displays, and even soothing music are just a few examples of these advancements that will help to provide an enjoyable and memorable journey. 

Lifting the Standards – A Conclusion 

In the quest for a remarkable guest experience, every aspect counts. Don’t let the seemingly mundane elevator ride be an afterthought. Elevate with ease by prioritising the maintenance, hygiene, and aesthetics of your hotel lifts. A journey in your hotel’s elevator should create a lasting impression and leave guests with a sense of opulence and admiration for your attention to detail.

By following the advice here and using best practices, your elevators won’t only function; They’ll add to your establishment’s overall excellence. In the end, it’s these seemingly small steps (excuse the pun!) that lead to success in the increasingly competitive world of hospitality.