Everest Ice and Water Systems – Choosing the Right Ice Vending Machine

People need passive income sources, especially with the rising cost of commodities and increasing financial commitments. The right passive income stream(s) can also help fund desired lifestyle.

Besides the increased financial stability that comes with having passive income streams, it is also great for diversification. This means that it helps with financial risk mitigation. For more on this subject, you can visit:

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However, some qualities make passive income streams good enough. One such quality is that they should not negatively impact your active income stream. For example, they should not hinder you from dedicating adequate time to generating active income.

Commercial Ice Vending Machine Business – Perfect Business for Passive Income

Running a commercial ice vending machine business would not deny you the time and effort that your active business requires. This makes it very worth it as it can take care of itself for the most part.

You may not even need to hire anyone to oversee anything as it is largely self-sufficient. However, this also depends on getting the right machine. This will be covered in the subsequent parts of this article. So, keep reading to stay well informed.

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Factors to Consider When Getting Your Ice Vending Machine

To ensure that the right ice vending machine is chosen, below are some major consideration:

Production & Storage Capacity

Most people looking to buy this machine are usually driven by price. They settle for cheaper options without paying attention to other things. Do not get it twisted as cost is a very important factor to consider.

However, there are several other things to be taken into serious consideration. Very high on the list is the production capacity. Getting something with a small production capacity could mean that you would soon be on the lookout for another machine as demand increases.

So, it is better to opt for something with optimal production capacity. This is also because another machine will significantly increase your operations costs – in terms of water and electricity charges.

Furthermore, storage capacity is also to be considered. This is because it determines how much the machine can hold before running out.


Most of the purchases will be ingested. As a result, you cannot afford to offer something that is not well-filtered. For this reason, you should only consider machines that guarantee top-quality filtration. You can see Everest Ice and Water Systems for more details on this.

Ice Type & Size

Some consumers have preferences for certain kinds of ice. By the way, examples include cubed, gourmet, and crushed ice. Find out the preferences of most of your prospective consumers and choose a machine that produces their preferred kind of ice.

Maintenance Status

You should get something very easy to maintain. On this note, you should go for options that are:

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • With user-friendly designs

All these are important, especially given how these machines are supposed to be a passive income; taking less of your time and effort.

Energy Efficient

There are operating costs involved. However, you can reduce this cost to the barest minimum by choosing options that are energy efficient. For one, this is because you would spend very little on electricity charges, which makes running this passive business highly sustainable.

Warranty & Customer Support

Firstly, only consider options with a warranty agreement and a reasonable one at that. Furthermore, make sure the manufacturer and/or supplier is committed to providing post-purchase support if the need ever arises.

Branding & Customization

Effective branding can make a business successful. So, branding should be taken seriously even with your commercial ice vending business. To this end, it is strongly advised that you consider options that can be customized with your business’s logo and/or other things that speak volumes of your brand.

Regulatory Compliance

The ice produced by these vending machines is mostly used for food. As a result, there are safety concerns and this is why some locations have health and safety regulations. Ensure that the machine’s operation does not breach any of the health and safety regulatory guidelines.

Remote Monitoring

It is quite impressive that some ice vending machines can be remotely monitored and controlled using things like mobile apps. As a result, owners can do as much as get diagnostic reports and receive alerts. It would be a good idea to consider options that can do these.

Payment Options

Restrictions on payment options mean that some consumers may be unable to use your vending machine. So, consider options that allow for payment using various payment solutions.

Examples include cash, debit/credit cards, as well as mobile payment solutions. You can click here if you would like to find out more about mobile payment solutions.


An ice vending machine seems like the perfect passive income stream judging by its operational and consumption demands. However, a lot depends on getting the right one. Furthermore, it also requires being stationed in the right location. So, take note of these if you decide to venture into the commercial ice vending machine business.