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Green World Safaris. Sustainable Eco-Safaris. Tanzania.

Green World Safaris was founded in 2009 to provide a high standard of eco-focussed tour company in Uganda. Created by Betty Ddumba and Vidgis Bjonoy they have pioneered eco-conscious tourism that engages and educates guests in the value of sustainable tourism.

Fully registered and licensed as a tour company Betty and Vidgis have gone to great lengths to ensure that not only does Green World Safaris operate at the highest level of eco-tourism but also at the most unquestionable standard of professionalism.

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All the procedures are being taken into consideration, from hand washing, sanitizing, face masking and taking the temperature of guests and staff members. These precautions are being explained before every tour by the guides to ensure that guests are fully aware that not only does Green World Safari take their health seriously, but they are proactive in their methodology.

“We advise clients to travel with their COVID19 test reports, avoid hand shakings and hugs with staff,” Betty says, “Because our health and wellbeing comes first, therefore clients and staff have to comply and keep the laws.”


Providing a personalised service and creating a distinctive and memorable safari for each client, Green World Safaris’ tour routes take clients through places such as Bwindi, Kibale, Murchison Falls, Lake Bunyonyi, Semuliki, Kidepo, Elgon and Sssese Island.

According to Betty, one of the major goals of their business is to promote and grow responsible tourism in Uganda and other East African destinations. It is only through sustainable tourism than mountain trekking and great ape tracking, nature trails and wildlife safaris can be the kind of adventures that future generations can also enjoy as well.

Green World Safaris combines wild life and natural landscape of Uganda, Rwanda and the DR Congo with the many cultures and communities living there. These amazing and unique safaris cater for all travellers including families, solo travellers, groups and volunteers and can be tailor-made or traditional depending on the needs and budget of the visitor.

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Their packaged holidays create the balance of nature, culture and authentic travel experiences that are based on the guidelines of ecotourism and responsible travel.  As such the safaris are updated every 6 months and as a business they keep abreast of all new information regarding eco-tourism.

The length of each safari depends on the client’s time and budget, but there is no actual limit. As an eco-tour operator, how their tours and safaris impact the environment is an important factor and clients can be confident that all the tours will follow an appropriate course.


There are a host of safari lodges where visitors will be able to stay as part of their tour and these destinations are carefully chosen by Green World Safari for their values and their standards of hospitality. Irrespective of the budget available, guests must feel comfortable and looked after.


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WEBSITE: www.greenworldsafaris.com

ADDRESS: Najja Shopping Center-2nd Floor Entebbe Road

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +256772676558

EMAIL: info@greenworldsafaris.com

*The Lost Executive cannot be held responsible for any inspiring adventures and experiences with Green World Safaris. Always do your research before booking. Websites provided.