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Hotel Room Essentials Every Hospitality Business Needs

Understanding what makes a guest’s room complete and comfortable is crucial to the success of your hospitality business. Keep reading to find examples of hotel room essentials every hospitality business needs. Put yourself in your guests’ shoes to understand what your hotel rooms could be lacking that would make them more enjoyable spaces.

Furnishing Essentials

You must start with the basic furniture needs and arrangement when it comes to hotel room essentials. Before adding anything else to your hotel room, it’s important to ensure your furniture essentials, such as beds, desks, dressers, tables, lighting fixtures, and more all fit in place. Once you have the absolute essentials that your guests will need for their stay, you can start adding secondary materials that will attract guests to your hotel.

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Updated Bathroom Fixtures

While guests won’t spend too much time in your hotel’s bathroom compared to the rest of the room, the bathroom is still an essential part of the room that you want to get right. The design and modernity of your hotel’s bathrooms can make or break your guests’ experiences at your business. Examine and evaluate your hotel bathrooms regularly and update fixtures such as faucets, showerheads, and toilets as trends change. Most guests prefer stand-up showers with doors instead of curtains, so upgrade your amenities as needed.

Television and Electronics

Potential guests look for many other essential amenities in a hotel besides the bare necessities. Having a high-quality television, Wi-Fi access, and other modern conveniences is also important. As a hotel manager, you want to provide as comfortable of a stay as possible for your guests, which includes recreating the conditions they may be used to at home. Choosing the right hospitality television and providing other technical amenities are excellent steps to making your hotel rooms more favourable.

Kitchen Access and Appliances

Guests often check for basic kitchen appliances and access to cooking in their rooms when they search for hotels. Staying in a hotel can be a big investment for many, so being able to save money by cooking personal meals in a microwave or on a stovetop can be a huge draw to a room. Consider creating a common kitchen area on each floor where guests can go to use a range of cooking essentials if your hotel doesn’t offer appliances in every room.

The next time you evaluate your hotel rooms and their conditions, remember these room essentials your hospitality business could be missing. Investing in amenity upgrades can help create more comfortable rooms and attract new customers to book their stays with your business.