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Best California Route 66 Destinations Worth Visiting

The Californian stretch of Route 66 features a treasure trove of unique destinations worth visiting. Learn more about the best three places to see!

Finally, the end of your trip is approaching—we hope you’re still kicking! Your last stop is the Golden State, home to sunshine, beaches, and, most importantly, plenty of the historic Route 66. Here’s everything you need to see when in CA! 

America’s most historic highway runs through eight states in total and spans just under 2,500 miles long. However, the Californian stretch of the Mother Road is perhaps the most jam-packed with interesting sights and scenes. Check out the three best California Route 66 destinations worth visiting on your epic cross-country trip.

Roy’s Motel & Café

Once you pass through the towns of Needles and Goff, you’ll arrive at potentially the most popular stop on Route 66, Roy’s Motel & Café! Found in Amboy, California, this establishment is most known for its original, retro-style sign that instantly transports you to the golden age of interstate travel. Aside from the picturesque landscape, Roy’s serves delicious food and drink for tired travelers. At the very least, this location is only 50 miles away from Joshua Tree National Park, offering you the perfect detour opportunity. 

Barstow and Bottle Tree Ranch

Your trip will inevitably lead you to the charming town of Barstow, California. This is an excellent destination to rest after hundreds of miles of sand dunes and tumbleweeds. There are plenty of entertaining activities available in downtown Barstow, including museums, local shops, restaurants, and more. 

Make sure you check out the famous murals on Mother Road and the Mojave River Valley Museum to learn more about the town’s history. After your visit to Barstow, you’ll drive through Oro Grande, home of the Bottle Tree Ranch. This incredible, long-standing art installation is certainly worth a picture!

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The Aztec Hotel

The town of Monrovia rests toward the end of Route 66 and is the perfect place to stretch after hours in the car. Monrovia is home to the Aztec Hotel, which was opened the same year as the interstate route in 1925. The exterior of this hotel is quite unique and features vibrant pinks and blues that contrast against the California landscape. There are also plenty of shops and restaurants nearby to grab a quick bite and recharge. 

These are just some of the best California Route 66 destinations worth visiting on your interstate vacation! Ensure you build time into your itinerary for an opportunity to explore one of Califonia’s many off-roading trails or beaches, among many other attractions.