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5 Reasons to Visit Perth

There’s no shortage of great destinations across Australia, yet when people take a trip to the land down under, it’s often to visit Sydney or Melbourne. If you’re looking for something a bit different — yet just as good — then it’s worthwhile taking a look at Perth, which is the capital of Western Australia, and also the most isolated of cities that have a population of more than than a million people. But there’s more to this glorious city than just geographical facts. Below, we take a look at five reasons why Perth should be at the top of your travel destination list.

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The Weather Is Always Good

It’s hard to enjoy a destination if the weather is poor, no matter how beautiful and fun it may be. If you’re taking a trip to Perth, however, then this isn’t an issue that you’ll need to concern yourself with. The weather in the city is pleasant virtually year-round, with a balmy average temperature balmy of 19 degrees in winter. That means that whenever you’re taking a trip, you’ll be able to enjoy all the fun goings-on without wondering if or when the bad weather will arrive.

Fine Eating

Do you love seafood? Then you’ll be in culinary heaven during a trip to Perth, a city noted for its delicious tastes of the sea. There are plenty of fine dining — and casual — restaurants offering the best that this region has to offer, including oysters, prawns, lobster, and scallops, among others. If you’re not sure what you want — but know you want something from the sea — then head down to Fisherman’s Wharf. You will not leave hungry.

Exploring Nature

There’s much more to enjoy on a visit to Perth than just the sights and attractions of the city itself. If you get a cheap airport car hire in Perth, then you’ll have all of the surrounding area waiting to be enjoyed, too. There are some pretty outstanding natural highlights within easy driving distance of the city, including The Pinnacles Desert, a wide-open and picturesque site that’s home to natural limestone structures. It’s also recommended to drive out to Wave Rock, a natural wonder that features a rock…shaped like a wave (don’t tell us the Australian’s aren’t creative when it comes to naming things, Just don’t).

Hanging at the Beach

Perth is a large city, but you wouldn’t know guess by it’s laid back atmosphere. So why is everyone so chilled here? The life is generally good, but the ticket lies in the beaches. They’re beautiful, plentiful, and a fine old way to spend a day. They’re picturesque and excellent for swimming, and there’s even a nudist beach, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Bars, Restaurants, and Clubs

Finally, we have to mention the nightlife. In the evening, head out in the warm air and enjoy the many bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that dot the downtown area — they cater for all budgets and moods.  Perth really does have everything needed for a fun break!