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Wild Expeditions Ethiopia. Wildly Authentic.

The inspiration for Wild Expeditions Ethiopia came upon the back of an impact investment project to support communities in the country. Introducing a new tented camp model and currently employing 33 people in the Addis Ababa office and at Lale’s Camp, the business was founded in 2016.

The four founders Will Jones, Titi Yoseph, Lale Biwa and Bemnet Gizachew were all involved in Ethiopian travel and came together when they spotted an opportunity to capitalize on the growing travel attention of Ethiopia as well as the chance to give back to the communities. One of the primary ways they have achieved this is by employing locally.


Ethiopia is a very large country with such a diversity of attractions that some tours can easily last up to thirty days. However, most trips featuring the main highlights last for about two weeks.

The safaris are wonderfully authentic, accessing rare cultural and wildlife experiences. Combining mobile tented camps with classical historic routes where the expedition camp sites are beautifully remote and off grid. From here, guests find themselves in some of the least visited spots on earth, including the Bale Mountains, the Danakil Depression, Chebera Churchura, Wabe Shebelle Valley, and Gheralta, the Simien Mountains and Kafta Sheraro. There are also specialist flying safaris as well as boat trips to some of the most inaccessible communities in the Omo Valley.


Out of these Lale’s camp stands out because it’s a first in Ethiopia and they are the only tourism operator on the Omo River! As such, Lale’s camp serves as an excellent base for one of the most unique explorations in the world.


Their philanthropic focusses include Wild Philanthropy, and moreover, each camping expedition is designed to create job opportunities for the local host communities; whether it is Bale National Park, Chebera Churchura NP, or the Danakil Depression.


The team have set up a safety protocol that includes temperature taking, mask wearing and social distancing during hotel and airport transfers and sightseeing.  In addition to daily disinfecting of their vehicles and the daily deep clean of their safari tents.


In developing countries like Ethiopia, it’s easy to feel you need to give a handout; better than this, is to contribute to the sustainability of the communities by buying handmade goods made by local artisans.

Also, while travelling, guests will want to capture a moment or a smile with their camera; but they always need to remember to ask for permission as a common courtesy.

And finally, when taking pictures of very old church paintings, old manuscripts, and valuable antiquities, it is recommended not to use flashlight as this can damage these irreplaceable treasures.

PRICE: USD 1000/per person/per night

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +251930362351/+251911673530



*The Lost Executive Ltd cannot be held responsible for any experiences had through Wild Expeditions. No matter how thrilling, sensational or beautiful they may be. Be responsible, do your research before booking.

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