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With 10 years of experience of online booking of tours and activities in South America, in 2009 a couple of expats founded the first OTA focused in the region, highlighting its endless options for exploration with a smooth and reliable booking process through the web. Today, their young team of travel experts keeps working under the premises of diversity, inclusion, collaborative work, and respect for the environment, to offer the best experiences in every corner of the continent.

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The absence of a platform offering tourist activities focused on South America was a big motivator for them. The creation of their travel blog allowed them the chance to create content for their various tourism brands, especially Bsas4u, born as one of the first online travel agencies focused on offering web reservations for tours and activities in Buenos Aires.

Following this, seven new brands appeared, dedicated to other countries like Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia. The innovation and development did not stop there and in 2019, this year, the brand Daytours4u was launched to unify their whole catalogue of tours in South America and to offer a better booking experience with a solid and secure platform.

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Their comprehensive catalogue of tours and activities throughout South America provides authentic travel experiences that can last either a half-day or a full day. Added to this, their partners have the capacity to provide private services and personalize the activities according to passenger needs and client desires.

All of the tours available are curated, meaning that the activities for each have been tested to guarantee the quality. The operator needs to accomplish different items such as to overcome cultural differences related to the local way of doing business while offering a service at the best cost-benefit or sorting out local socioeconomic factors to make sure that they represent the tourism industry well.

The tours and the listings are regularly updated and currently, they are working on the path of sustainability that began as a major concern about how some tours do not treat respectfully the wildlife and use animals to sell “authentic experiences” to tourists. They are still working on the definition of what is an eco-tour and how to become fully a responsible company, but have the compromise and the willingness to reduce the impact of the economic activity of the tours and activities industry in South America. In their catalogue,  they do not work with tours where wildlife or other animals are vulnerable. For example, the tours with huskies in Ushuaia, or the tours with stingrays.

Daytours4u is a fast and reliable website as well, providing a safe and straightforward booking experience that predominantly allows potential clients to pay in local currencies.

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The support team who are put in a position to assist their passengers before, during and after the tour are the first line of brand ambassadors for the business and are responsible for beginning the relationship-building process with the clients. This starts from the first moment they make contact asking for some information or assistance with the reservation.

This is one of the most important things for business growth and it is what makes it possible to keep growing and developing as a business and a team. They believe it is not only about the relationship with the clients, but also the relationship with their partners that help them every day to keep moving forward on their projects and future developments.


In the near year, we can expect Daytours4u to add some new amazing and challenging products focused on sustainability and ecotourism, making sure they’ve covered as many tourism sectors that they can for the benefit of their clients.

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