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Organic Paradise Tour. Costa Rica.

A family business, Organic Paradise Tour was founded in January 2015 by Rolando Soto Soto, an auditor who worked many years in the banking industry in Costa Rica. After he retired from work, he decided to dedicate his time to organic agriculture with a belief that this sector is the future of humanity.


Rolando has always loved the beauty of this part of Costa Rica and so twenty years ago he returned here to begin his agricultural business. Starting with organic pineapples, he founded Piñas Orgánicas SOGO which employed locally and soon became a very popular brand and a successful enterprise.

Many years later, Organic Paradise Tour was created as a complementary business to engage and educate more people about local organic agriculture, to open more doors for networking and development and to bring more employment to the area. Managed predominantly by Rolando, his wife Lidieth and his eldest son.

For guests this is an amazing opportunity to get involved with the local agricultural industry, learn something new about your food and enjoy some tasty treats at the end.


A team of five locals help with the tours which last about 90 minutes at a time as they travel across the 33 hectares. These tours are engaging and an excellent rural adventure across a beautiful organic pineapple plantation. The journey is on a specially designed tractor that pulls a cart with a capacity of 45 people.

While on tour, their bilingual expert provides information about the area and production, growth of the organic pineapple and tips to choose the best pineapples at the supermarket.  At the end of the tour, while surrounded by their paradise and listening to folkloric music, they offer a delicious piña colada, homemade pineapple jelly and fresh pineapples for guests to enjoy.

The tours happen in a working organic plantation so they are as authentic as they can get. Tours take place in the mornings 8am – 10 am and afternoons 1pm – 3pm all year round.  Also, certified by Kiwa BCS Okö Garantie, Global Gap and Bio Suisse the entire operation is completely committed to recycling and composting.

Clients need to make a reservation either via telephone or email, and they can also do so through the different agencies that Organic Paradise Tours work with. Capacity of the tour is 90 people total in separate carts.


Since they started in 2015, they have built up relationships with their customers and have grown reliably with each year bringing more people interested in their tour. It has also become very popular with agencies who are always looking to offer travellers and tourists something different to enjoy on their trips and some of these agencies engage bookings up to two years ahead.


This is a beautiful area in Costa Rica full of flora and fauna, but as it is predominantly warm and one of the wettest areas in the country, guests are recommended to bring fresh clothes, insect repellent, a hat and sunscreen.

PRICE: $35.00 – $20.00. Special rate for students.

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 506-2761-0706 / 506-8372-0111