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A food tour of the greenest and tastiest capital in the world

Slovenia is a land of diversity. In the fullest meaning of the word. From a stunningly beautiful natural environment to an exceptionally rich cultural heritage, this subalpine gem has it all. But it’s impossible to get a proper taste of Slovenia’s culture just by visiting its famous sites and natural wonders. You have to try its food. And there’s no better place to do that than the capital.

A food tour of Ljubljana is a doorway to Slovenian culture

Ljubljana, Slovenia’s green and vibrant capital, is a cultural hub where the multitude of the country’s traditions can be found. Food is one of them. Ljubljana is the melting pot of Slovenian gastronomy. It’s where Slovenia’s 26 gastronomic regions and 3 large winegrowing areas meet. A thousand years of culinary influences from the Mediterranean to the Alps, the Pannonian straights to the Balkans and beyond have given birth to 365 remarkable authentic dishes. And the best way to get a taste is by joining a food tour in Ljubljana.

This tour allows you to taste the best of Slovenia and wash it down with delicious wines from the country’s renowned vineyards. No prior research needed, it’s all handed to you on a plate. Pun most certainly intended. What’s better than eating local? Doing so with a local, of course.

Inspiring stories and authentic local cuisine

No one can guide you through the flavours and traditions of local cuisine better than the locals. Besides being proper culinary connoisseurs, your guides are homebred, which means they outrank any digital or physical guidebook. They’ll share their knowledge of the place and throw in some juicy facts about what’s on your plate or in your glass. After all, there’s a reason why Slovenia has been named the European Region of Gastronomy 2021. Every town, village or hamlet has a culinary tradition stretching back generations. What you’ll be tasting is a blend of history with a pinch of modern Slovenia that goes great with a dose of humour.

Ljubljana is simply bursting with local delights and unique culinary exploits you won’t find anywhere else on the planet. These include the hard to pronounce Idrijski žlikrofi (potato filling flavoured with cracklings, chives, onions and marjoram) and the exquisitely juicy and geographically protected Carniolan Sausage, both can be tasted on Food Tour Ljubljana. From the latest updates on Slovenia’s dining scene to ancient recipes and legends – by the time you order dessert, you’ll be fully informed.

Birds of the same feather dine together  

Food tours are limited to smaller groups of people, which means they’re an excellent opportunity to mingle with fellow foodies. Travel stories are exchanged, scrumptious food eaten and the entire experience shared. Add a few personal anecdotes to the mix and suddenly talking to strangers becomes incredibly enjoyable.

At the end of the day, the main ingredients of any gastronomical adventure are people and culture. Ljubljana is home to an amazing blend of both. Joining this food tour will give you a precious glimpse into why Slovenian food is so finger-licking good. Your mouth and mind will thank you for it.

Happy travels and bon appétit!