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Wasipunko Ecolodge. Peru.

Framed by the Peruvian desert landscape, wrapped in magical colours and evenings characterized by countless stars upon clear night skies, Wasipunko Ecolodge is was founded and is owned by artist Olivia Watkin. Born in Nasca, Olivia has dedicated her work in recent years to preserving, protecting and respecting the traditional culture of the area and developing the eco-tourism to keep it in harmony with nature.


 Wasipunko Ecolodge has everything that is necessary to make visitors feel comfortable and de-stressed as they’re surrounded by the sounds of the wind and trees, the chirrups of birds and the flighty attention of the butterflies.  The lodge offers comfortable rural style accommodation with each room having a private bathroom, solar powered heating, gas and hot water 24 hours a day.

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Wasipunko is part of a select group of Peruvians who are rescuing the traditional cuisine and cultural festivities of Nazca. Staying at the Ecolodge also comes with available tours which are all focused on experiential tourism. Including hosted tours across gorgeous, mythic landscapes and community social experiences, organized camping, vineyard tours and adventures through the natural reserves of Nasca, San Fernando and Pampa Galeras. And for those visiting in June, the Chaccu.


The Chaccu is a yearly event where vicuñas, the wild relatives of the llama, are sheared for their wool. It occurs in the final week of June at Pampa Galeras-Bárbara d’Achille Natural Reserve in Ayacucho.

During it, a human fence of participants encircles the vicuña herds and through music, singing, chanting and dancing movements drive the animals into a funnel where trained shearers are waiting. The animals are sheared, obtaining this valuable natural fibre and then released without injury. It is a mutually beneficial activity that dates back to pre-Hispanic times, stopping the animal hair from getting overgrown which can lead to parasites and providing an important material for the local community.

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A revamped tourist concept focussed on wine production areas and wine tourism led by Alan Watkin, Olivia Watkin’s son, eno-tourism has proven incredibly popular. This tour takes guests through the production areas between Pisco and Nasca passing through vineyards, wineries, restaurants and lodgings offering samples, information and insights.

Alan explains that it helps pisco producers generate additional income and highlight the existence of this historic wine industry. According to him, the market is incredibly competitive at the moment and selling bottles of wine is no longer enough to sustain the traditional methods and values that make these businesses so unique and special. Alan decided to create a tour that delved into this industry because he saw value not only in the product created, but in the story that these businesses have to tell.

The tour offers a full account of what goes into the creation and manufacture of these wines from the grape, through the harvest, manufacturing and finally bottling . It culminates at Wasipunko which has 6.5 hectares of their national pisco grape vine variety, Quebranta.

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Address: Panamericana Sur Km 462

Phone: +51-956790111