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Alpaca Expeditions. Peru.

Alpaca Expeditions was founded in 2013 by Raul Ccolque. A former porter for the Inca Trail and professional tour guide, he founded the company based on a philosophy of equality which has remained a guiding principle to this day.

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Raul knew that the best customer experience is always a consequence of enthused and engaged staff and sought about creating a business that provided a fair and respectful treatment of his team. Guaranteeing the best quality service for guests without forgetting about the human resource that  makes it possible. 


The unique team includes twenty staff members, forty tour guides, thirty chefs, two hundred porters and six drivers. All of the staff are Peruvian, with porters from local communities of Cusco.

“We follow the ‘’family style’’ service and our clients become part of our team,” Raul says, “Everyone is treated as equals, as members of the same family. This, combined with the touring experience, creates a great relationship towards us and them.”

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The expeditions can last from full one-day experiences to multi-day treks. Raul explains that some of the tours can last from two to seven days with itineraries offered that can last up to sixteen and more, depending on what the client wants to see.

“Our tours guarantee the best results for a number of reasons,” he says, “We have the best guides from the zone, we own our vehicles, use the best equipment for our treks and have the most engaging staff. Also, our tour preparations pay very careful attention to the detail of what the customer wants.” 

Accommodation is chosen based on the safari. So, when their  tours require hotel stays, they use 3-star hotels that can be upgraded by the customer. Then, when it comes to where to stay during their  treks, they offer eureka tents for the camping night. They also have lodges that can offer the best of both.

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“We are a leading sustainable tourism company,” Raul reveals, “We work alongside the authorities to provide the best service but also respect and maintain our nature and archaeological sites.”

As a company they also invest on many different social projects towards their communities and their porters’ families. 

“This is done all year round and not just on specific dates,” he highlights, “It is an ongoing endeavour.” 


Alpaca Expeditions operate with all the safety protocols commanded by law. Every client and staff member has their temperature marked, mask usage is mandatory, the same for the face shield while on vehicles. At every campsite they provide water and soap to wash hands properly and the vehicles operate at 50% capacity to respect social distancing requirements.

“These procedures are explained by our front desk agent as well as our guides,” he says, “And these protocols are mandatory.”

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PRICE: tours from $500 – 700 USD per person for multi-day experiences.

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +51 84 254278



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