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Making a Career Out of Travelling

Not all who wander are lost. In fact, some make a whole career out of it. Travel influencing has really taken off, with many people finding that they can monetise their travels, generating huge amounts of income and benefiting from free accommodation, flights and activities to enhance their journeys. This is a truly great way to make a lot of money by simply doing something that you love. It’s a highly desirable career path, but this is because it’s so rewarding. If you’re ready to face a fair amount of competition to pursue a job that you’ll genuinely love, here are some top tips to making a career out of travelling!

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Travel Blogging

Travel blogging is one of the best routes into making money from your travels. Blogs provide great spaces to post content, ranging from beautiful pictures of your trips to long form copy where you can make suggestions and advise other travellers who want to experience similar adventures. Professionals such as Kimberly Anderberg have plenty of experience in this and can provide insight and guidance into how to create quality posts that sell. If you decide to become a travel blogger, you will need to make sure that you are able to create engaging content that not only shows off your travels, but gives others advice, helping them to plan similar trips. You will need to capture quality photos from your trips and be fairly good at writing. Most bloggers start out using popular hosting platforms such as WordPress.

Travel Social Media

Often, travel bloggers will also have social media pages. Some travel influencers will solely post on social media. Regardless, social media is a great platform to post your travels and potentially monetise these posts. Travel social media is ideal for those who prefer short format copy and highly engaging pictures or videos. If you’re going to be a travel social media influencer, it’s a good idea to pick out your target demographic and create content that’s going to reel them in and keep them engaged. Choose an angle. Do you want to focus on high end travel? Do you want to document more budget options, such as backpacking? Do you want to go more niche, documenting something like van life? The key here is to choose something that you genuinely enjoy and that you can keep up with financially, as this is going to become a lifestyle for you.

Name Your Price

As brands begin to reach out to you for sponsored posts and collaborations, you need to have a good idea of your price. How much will you charge per post? What types of payment will you accept? Are you happy to promote accommodation, brands or products for freebies? Such as free stays, flights or products? Or do you want to accept cash only? Having clear set answers to these questions before anyone reaches out to you will make the entire process faster for you when they do.

Hopefully, some of the advice above will really help you out when it comes to making a career out of doing what you love!