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New research from the Valuable 500 reveals that disabled travellers are paying $460 more than non-disabled travellers for travel insurance. Findings also reveal that a fifth of disabled travellers felt unsafe whilst travelling. 

New research shows that disabled tourists are paying $460 more than non-disabled customers for travel insurance cover to go on holiday, a significant premium compared to those without disabilities or medical conditions.

The research also looked at the other barriers disabled tourists face whilst travelling, including time inequity, digital accessibility, a lack of disabled representation, lack of inclusive design, and lack of knowledge of disability and how to meet the needs of customers with disabilities. 

Because of this, feelings of embarrassment, isolation and being disregarded were also felt by a quarter of the respondents, and nearly a quarter (21%) felt ignored.

Valuable 500 Founder, Caroline Casey, commented saying, “This research adds to a burgeoning list of discrimination that people with disabilities face daily. When a hotel, restaurant or transport provider is inaccessible you’re leaving a proportion of business on the table.”  

She goes on to add, “The global spending power of people with disabilities is estimated to be $13 trillion annually, so the business case for the travel industry to put accessibility first, and not as an afterthought is imperative. This can be rectified by putting disabled staff and consumers at the heart of the travel business. If you put inclusive and accessible design at the heart of the business, it not only gives access to the disability market but it’s better for everyone.” 

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