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Selina La Fortuna. For attention of all Digital Nomads and Travel Addicts

Selina is a lifestyle, travel and hospitality platform born out of a desire to celebrate the nomadic lifestyle. Founded by Rafael Museri and Daniel Rudasevski, originally from Israel, who, after traveling the globe and staying in many places believed they could change the world through hospitality and experiences. In 2014, this is how the first Selina was born in Venao, and the motto:

“To experience our planet’s most beautiful places, to build community, to engage with locals and fellow travellers, to work and enjoy new adventures.”


Selina is a hospitality network targeting young travellers with a holistic approach to the travel and work experience. At Selina social interaction between fellow travellers, locals and staff is strongly encouraged. After all, exposure to new ideas, new ways of thinking and different lifestyles are the reasons why most people travel.

Through the platform, Selina’s staff of travel professionals select only the most incredible places across Latin America, North America, the Caribbean and soon, the rest of the world. Combining the natural beauty and elements of their locations with the best of local activities, food, community and work.

In essence, Selina is a nomadic ecosystem.


One of the most sought-after destinations in Costa Rica, Selina La Fortuna is a gateway to life experiences. Surrounded by rainforests, jungle waterfalls and with Costa Rica’s most active volcano Arenal Volcano right in the back yard there is a lot to see and do here.

Some examples include tours through the treetops of Los Cañones, plunging off the waterfall, rafting the rapids of Rio Celeste or maybe some spelunking in the Venado Caves. This area has a palatable buzz  about it and that’s before we even speak about the food, bar and shopping scene which warrant just as much exploring as the jungles.


As any remote worker or digital nomad will testify, it is so important to be able to tap into a local vibe when you get somewhere. This is why co-working is so useful and Selina La Fortuna is hosted in the centre of town, right in the heartbeat of the city. Visitors will find a fun, friendly community that makes guests feel right at home. The Playground is nearby for a custom cocktail from their friendly bartenders and guests who are looking for tours can book them at the reception.

With accommodation ranging from dorms, shared or private rooms, to native looking tepees for those looking to connect with nature, guests will find that when it comes to where you’re staying and where you’re working, it’s all taking care of. This is a chance to meet other travellers and digital nomads and to connect into an ever-growing community without the stress.

Rooms are clean and secure, communal kitchens are stocked and leisure areas have an array of inhouse activities. The tepees are very stylish and cosy and beautifully designed, and there is always the possibility you may see some of the other frequent guests. These include iguanas, monkeys and sloths… although for the sloths you may have to wait for a while. They really do like to take their time.

The number of rooms will also be growing as in 2019 Selina expect their number of beds to grow from 166 to 260!


Selina La Fortuna started offering Co Working space in March 2018 for guests and visitors and this quickly became a haven for digital nomads.

Nomadic lifestyles are on the rise with an ever-increasing number of people from all age groups and countries turning to working remotely and travelling at the same time. The value system is changing from a money-earning focus to a life-experience focus, and Selina is one of the businesses supporting this change and making it sustainable.


According to availability, $15 dorm – $80 private room/night

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 00506 2479 7259