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A Penthouse Like No Other

City hotels can feel the same after a while, as they typically offer the same features and services. In the end, it’s only the decor that changes and distinguishes one from another. You may be lucky and find one that offers a dream pool or even spa facilities, but these are shared among the guests, so you get little time to enjoy them on your own.

Sometimes we desire something a little more special, something unique that offers endless opportunities to sigh, as a result of being overwhelmed by contentment and here, at The Lost Executive, we found exactly this, in a high-end penthouse in Cape Town. It left us in awe, so come and find out why.

The Penthouse

Perched at the top of an 11-floor building and spiralling over four levels, the penthouse has been meticulously designed and furnished for comfort and luxury. Add some ambient relaxing tunes and the whole place simply oozes sophistication. The hardest part is choosing a place to relax, as you continuously want to see it all. The balcony and dual roof decks provide spectacular views of Cape Town, placing you in the central city and offering vistas that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

The whole experience of staying in this penthouse is something to treasure. From entering the lift, which opens into the kitchen, through to swinging in a hammock on the top deck, there are many touches that add a really special feel to this property. There is even an entertainment area between rooms, featuring a couple of sofas and a tv, perfect for unwinding. Every facet here truly is so versatile and spectacular, which is why the penthouse is suited to many occasions, whether travelling solo, with another couple, hosting a party or shooting a film, it really ‘rises’ to every occasion. You can imagine clinking champagne glasses with a partner, overlooking the city as the noise of a cocktail party fills the air.

Standing on the rooftop, you are gifted with surrounding views of Lion’s Head mountain, Bo-Kaap, city high-rises and the Eastern mountains, where the early morning sunrise is not to be missed. Hosting a meeting here would create a lasting impression and offer something far more special than a standard conference room or coffee shop. Perhaps you could even consider a BBQ (or Braai – South African for BBQ) to create a lasting memory for your guests.

Every corner has been carefully crafted and decorated for our guest’s utmost comfort and design appreciation – Corina Rosca

The penthouse can host up to five guests, in two bedrooms, effortlessly offering amenities such as a fireplace, rooftop cinema, lightning-fast stable internet, smart tv for streaming, stunning artwork, 24-hour security, a doorman, two secure parking spaces and last but not least, it’s centrally located one corner street away from the heart of all the action. This property is like no other in the city, in terms of views, outdoor living and entertainment spaces. It’s such a holistically designed space and every corner of the penthouse has something exciting to showcase, making it a perfect venue for entertaining clients, or simply getting away from stuffy meeting rooms.

Things to do

We asked Corina Rosca, our host, for her suggestions as to the best things to do in the area.

TLE – Cape Town is known for its markets, which would you suggest guests go and visit?

CR- OZCF market; it’s where the locals shop and it’s a seaside market, basically an unbeatable experience. Also great is the Lourensford Friday night market or the Stellenbosh slow market on Saturdays.

TLE – Guests are hungry, where should they eat?

CR – There are so many good places to eat and drink. I would suggest, Hemeljuis, ShortMarket Club, Kloof Street House, Mano and Nourish’d Vegan Cafe to name a few.

TLE – Where are the best shops?

CR – The best shops are Stable, Lim, Kin, Pichulik, Alexandra Hojer, Biscuit Mill, Woodstock Exchange, Dark Horse and Eleven Past.

TLE – If you’re looking for something special, where would you recommend?

CR – Merchants on Long, Africa Nova, Weylandts, Shops at the new Silo Hotel, Linde Collection & Swarovski, Kat Van Duinen Design.

TLE – What should every guest see?

CR – The full moon. From the penthouse, we can see hikers and their LED lights peppering the mountain like twinkling fairy lights; reminding us how magical this city really is.

Corina Rosca – Stay At Mine Founder & SuperHost

A great consideration is that this penthouse is very affordable for many people. When I visited, in a quiet season, the price was the same as a room in a nearby hotel and the more of you there are, the better the rate looks as well. Great if you’re attending a trade show or have several meetings with colleagues. In fact, why not host all meetings at the apartment and blow your colleagues’ socks off? The penthouse is so versatile that you could host absolutely anything, from a fashion shoot, to a cocktail party, to a powerpoint presentation on the top deck cinema screen. The penthouse has been tried and tested by The Lost Executive and we cannot recommend it more.

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