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Lima Escape. Glamping. Portugal.

Offering a rustic escape to nature, Lima Escape was created in 2012 by Anna and her boyfriend Artur. Together they had won a public competition for the opportunity of developing an old campsite which had become quite rundown. The glamping concept was eagerly applied, introducing the very recognizable tents and of course the treehouses, which were designed and carefully made by Artur.

According to Anna the inspiration for the project came from a deep love of nature and the outstanding beauty of the area located in the very heart of Peneda-Geres National Parc (biggest natural parc of Portugal). The concept is intended for people with the same desires i.e., those wishing to escape the over-connected hubbub of daily life. The only television or internet connection is at the reception area and the restaurant, encouraging guests to explore the surroundings. 


Sitting on a peninsula flanked by the rivers Lima, Froufe and Tamente and with Serra Amarela in the background, Lima Escape Camping and Glamping is a true nature retreat. Smoothly aligning camping areas with romantic glamour tents and charming wooden bungalow made in the style of treehouses and shepherd huts.

Living in an era of people fettered to their phones, too many of us spend our lives experiencing the world through our devices. When we see something beautiful, we don’t appreciate it unless we get a picture of it on our phones. It seems that we are slowly losing our ability to appreciate the beauty of something just for what it is and not for the responses we get from our social peers.

At Lima Escape, the real escape is being able to sit and enjoy the sound of birds in the trees, the leaves being moved by the wind and the sound of the small waterfall trickling down to the river that surrounds the site.


When they began in 2012, they had two lodges and two tents. Today, the site offers eight units in total comprising of one apartment, 5 treehouses and 2 Coloured Lodges and five glamping tents which are in place during the long Portuguese Summers lasting from May until the end of October.

The tents offer an oriental crossed Portuguese style and the lodges are modern and simple with some wood elements to enhance the feeling of wilderness and freshness.  Anna explains that the aim was to offer something simple but comfortable as to not detract from the unique experience of feeling surrounded by nature.


At Lima Escape, guests can glamp and camp their own way as there are not too many rules and it isn’t as official or boring as a hotel business. Their main offering is the chance to enjoy the “simple pleasures” and to drop a gear or two and just enjoy relaxing.

Since opening, there has been a steady increase of guests returning year on year, saying that they have a very special feeling about the place. Considering the challenge involved in getting return business in the hospitality industry, it is a mark of how strong their appeal is.

Anna reveals that while the location and the accommodation and the access to nature is a strong element, it is their commitment to guest relations that has secured the loyalty of their guests. Upon check in at the reception, guests are introduced to the site or updated on new developments, they’re also made aware of the “secret” places like the hidden waterfalls and small lagoons where the special memories that last a lifetime are made.


In the upcoming year there are plans to improve their bar, which plays a significant community role and to put up another treehouse lodge and a fully restored double decker bus where guests can feel like rockstars on holiday. Otherwise, to continuing welcoming guests new and old.

PRICE: Lodges from 45.00€ per night (minimal booking is 2 nights), tents – from 50€ per night, with breakfast normally served at the tent’s terrace


TELEPHONE: Telephone: +351 258 588 361

MOBILE: + 351 964 969 309 / 351 926 503 332