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Following the purchase of, the leading online glamping platform, by Glamping Hub International, Inc. in November 2022, things have been looking very fruitful for the business. Considering that it was only a blog ten years ago, the pioneering work that did to forge and direct glamorous camping is quite remarkable. It has played a significant role in expanding glamping from a simple cottage industry involving camping sites wishing to add a little bit extra to their sites to a standalone hospitality sector now worth over £2 billion.

This new company was founded by CJ Wolf, a serial entrepreneur from the mobile game space, and David de la Parra, a boutique hospitality veteran and glamping resort owner. Mr. Wolf and Mr. de la Parra are both outdoor enthusiasts that have partnered in numerous non-business adventures like competing in endurance races. While training long hours together, the two often talked about going into business with one another and when the prospect of acquiring this premier glamping marketplace came to their attention, they jumped at the opportunity.

About has been sharing luxury camping options from tipis in Montana to safari tents in Africa since 2013. The company has carved out a sector in the camping vertical that caters to a discerning consumer that is looking to spend the night under the stars in a safe and glamorous environment. Offering meticulously curated luxurious glamping accommodations, providing customers with the peace of mind to book their outdoor adventure with confidence.

Understanding that on one side are glamping sites, the nests of creativity of people wanting to offer something unique and different and dreamlike, and on the other side intrepid travellers looking to enjoy the boutique comfort and style that these sites have to offer. One group are pioneers into hospitality who may need guidance on how to do it well or at very least an access to a wider community of guests and the other needs help discerning which of the ever-growing assortment of locations is the best match for their pennies.

Providing a bridge between glamping site owners as well as glampers, has an entire section dedicated to content focussed on how to get the most out of a glamping experience, including locations, prices, and things to consider as well as content on how to make the most out of your glamping site.

Blenheim Palace Lodge Retreat. Woodstock. England.


Glamping Hub International has two office locations in Park City, Utah and in Seville, Spain. “We have been incredibly impressed with the team’s accomplishments, and we look to accelerate their efforts by launching a mobile app and broadening their reach through marketing initiatives and strategic partnerships,” says Mr. Wolf.

Mr. de la Parra says, “We were attracted to this business because of’s extensive network of over eight thousand glamping hosts from 115 countries that list their properties on the site. Although the property is only available in English today, we see tremendous upside in localizing the site because glamping has universal appeal.”


A major contribution is how has helped solidify the industry and helped access to important information for those wishing to set up glamping businesses. In the UK there are several things that one needs to know if they are looking to venture into this niche of the hospitality industry. For example, entrepreneurs looking to start a glamping business that operates for more than 28 days, need to know that they’ll require planning permission- something which has unfortunately caught out and consequently cost many newbie site owners.


Many businesses have risen to support the glamping industry and to maintain its standards while the industry continues to grow and shift. The wider the industry stretches the more stable the business-standards and legal practises behind it need to be. and many other suppliers have gone to great lengths to identify these problems for newcomers to glamping as well as those looking to grow their businesses. For many site owners, glamping is firstly a creative endeavour, often with the legalities of things coming second.

THE PADDOCK. Ramsbottom. Lancashire. England.

The glamping market is in its infancy but is expected to grow from a £2.16 billion market into a £5.74 billion market by 2031 according to Allied Market Research. Glamping’s market appeal has grown due to consumer’s demand for experiential travel. was at the forefront of this wave when it‘s current service launched in 2014 and as a result, it has become the preeminent glamping booking engine that attracts over 5 million annual visitors primarily from organic sources.

With this kind of growth, it is natural that the industry is quickly entering a more governed and officiated era of development. While this may be irksome to some site owners who prefer the freedom of creativity that originally grew their glamping ideas, there are several benefits to this. Namely the access to a more fully explored industry which comes with easier to understand laws, common practises, representation, and investment from larger banks.

West Hale Gate Glamping. Basking in Rural Splendour

The decision however will come to all owners whether they want to expand into the corporate glamping world or stay within the cottage industry. According to’s range of options, there is access for both.


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