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Beacon Hill Farm . Finally, a Treehouse for the Sophisticated Traveller.

As the popularity of glamping continues to grow, more and more sites are popping up across the UK like mushrooms. Even while many sites offer unique styles and approaches; the quality of the stay is still largely determined by the standards of the site owners themselves.  Especially when it comes to tree houses.

There are a number of fabulous designs, but many are wooden caves on wooden legs that promise an “unusual” stay, the novelty of which can be short-lived. Indeed, when it comes to creating something unique and special, that will inspire and captivate, it needs to be carefully considered and planned.


Since 1989, Beacon Hill Farm have provided a boutique hospitality service that stands out amongst the crowd thanks to their conviction to superior standards.

Mindful of the opinions and feedback of their guests and quick to take action to keep themselves up-to-date, they have learnt to watch the horizon to see approaching changes to the hospitality landscape. This is one of the reasons they were perfectly positioned to take advantage of the glamping trend, firmly establishing themselves long before other sites were even aware of it.

“Terminologies may change, but in hospitality you have to evolve with the times,” co-founder Alun Moore says, “It’s just good business to listen to what the customer says, engage them on it and make sure they get it.”

Which leads us to the latest offering at Beacon Hill…


Facing out from the south side of the woods, the Tree House offers panoramic coastal views from the south east, to the Pennines and to the south west. Sleeping two guests at a time, this cutting edge building is contemporary in its styling and organic in its aesthetics. Offering privacy and style it is a perfect base for any memorable holiday to the region.

Clad in burnt Siberian larch and standing high on Corten steel columns, with large mirrored glass windows, guests are invited to fully appreciate the breath taking views and the careful planning that has gone into the creation of this palatial stay.

And, allowing guests to truly have their cake and eat it, not only does the tree house offer luxurious comforts of a super king sized bed and a view of fifty miles to the south, but is also only a short walk from the spa facilities.



Regards to Covid precautions, guests will be pleased to know that all advised guidelines have been put into action. This includes the provision of hand sanitisers, thorough cleaning of all units after departure as well as the use of masks and training for all staff.



This is a departure from the usual run of the mill holiday experience that some guests will be used to. As such Alun recommends that guests should be aware of wild animals that may wander into the site. Should this opportunity arise, the best thing is to appreciate it from a distance for the rarity that it is and not disturb them.

ADDRESS: Beacon Hill Farm, Long Horsley, Morpeth. NE65 8QW

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 07802 517121



PRICE:  £1500 pw// 3 night weekend price of £750 and a 4 night midweek price at the same rate.