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Quinta Del Mar Resorts. Escape to the Islands. Colombia.

Comprising of three dream like island paradises, Quinta Del Mar Resorts was founded in July 2015 by a couple of Colombian entrepreneurs who dreamt of offering people a place where they could enjoy complete luxury with complete privacy. The three locations are Quinta del Mar Sunset (The Sunset), Quinta del mar El Paraíso (The Paradise) and Quinta del Mar Tintipán.

Two of the properties, Quinta del Mar Tintipán and Quinta del Mar Sunset are located on the island  Tintipán, the biggest island in the Archipelago of San Bernardo, and are surrounded by water. The third property, El Paraiso rests on a glorious coastline alongside the clearest ocean. In no uncertain terms, this really is an opportunity to indulge the “islander” in all of us.

We spoke with owner Andrés Barrera regarding the islands and what they offer, and he highlighted that what guests really pay for is the complete indulgence of privacy.

“It is completely private,” he explains, “There are limited staff working in the background, a butler ready to serve each and every need and otherwise it is just the guest and the island lifestyle which starts from the crystal waters to the thick tropical island vegetation.”

Drone image of one of the properties.
Drone image of one of the properties. Image Source: Quinta del Mar

For those guests seeking even more privacy, El Paraiso holds that as the highest priority and combines the opportunity to indulge the senses with the chance to enjoy the most spectacular views. Offering bonfires on the beach sand and sumptuous luxurious comfort in the rooms, guests can enjoy a location that is good weather all year round.


Quinta del Mar is located in El Islote. The property is 29.2 miles from Coveñas and features direct access to the beach. Barú is 26.7 miles from Quinta del Mar, while Tolú is 25.5 miles away. The nearest airport is Rafael Núñez International Airport, 50.3 miles from the property.


There is a great duality cooperation taking place on the islands that goes largely unnoticed by guests. The islands are protected and so there are restrictions to what can be built there, this means that there is no infrastructure in terms of energy or water because it would involve disturbing the natural environment and habitat of the very islands greatest value, its flora and fauna.

Andrés says, “This is firstly to help keep the pristine condition of the island untouched, but guests don’t notice this as we have a power plant and a desalination water plant to supply more than enough energy and water. It is worth mentioning because guests and travellers are becoming more conscious about their own footprints.”

Tintipán, is a coastal island belonging to Colombia, in the Gulf of Morrosquillo in the Caribbean Sea. It is the largest island in the San Bernardo archipelago and this exotic location is one of the jewels of the Rosario National Coral National Park. Its varied marshes form labyrinths that serve as a refuge for fish, making it a true paradise.

Quinta del Mar is 40 km from Cartagena (a journey that takes two hours by boat), 41 km from Tolú and 81 km from the nearest Rafael Núñez International Airport.

Image Source: Quinta del Mar


Quinta del Mar

Tintipán Island

With a capacity of twenty four people and located in Tintipán, the largest island in the San Bernardo archipelago, Quinta del Mar is a perfect place to enjoy water sports and visit natural aquariums with complete privacy. Due to its location in the Corales del Rosario National Natural Park, it is well known and internationally recognized for its biodiversity and crystal clear waters.

Four bedrooms, sixteen beds, five bathrooms and all of the modern conveniences including satellite television and WIFI, all rooms come with air conditioning and even a butler!

On site there is a food service, managed by an expert chef to delight guests with the most exquisite dishes of the Colombian Caribbean. In addition, guests can explore the islands of the San Bernardo archipelago through a tour in the planchón, while enjoying a bottle of wine accompanied by a select cheese board. This is a great chance to see the wild dolphins that usually swim next to the boat.

Quinta del Mar Sunset

Tintipán Island

Also located on Tintipán Island, the aptly named Sunset has a capacity of twenty five people. Offering six beds and seven bathrooms, the accommodation is equipped with everything needed for a stay combining enthralling activities and gloriously lazy mornings.

Like its sister there is a butler available and a resoundingly talented chef and the activities that have made this island renowned are readily available. The rooms are comfortable, there are many outdoor activities and the sunset is, well… the sunset has to be seen to be properly appreciated.

Quinta del Mar Paradise


Accommodating nineteen people in six rooms with sixteen beds and five bathrooms, Paradise has earned its title. Located in the area of Sucre, exactly six kilometres from Playa El Francés in Tolú, guests can easily arrive by car which makes it more accessible.

In addition to the standard modern conveniences that guests soon come to expert of any Quinta del Mar resorts, which include great connectivity, outdoor sports, a butler and of course a chef- here guests can explore the Gulf of Morrosquillo, the most exclusive site in the area, surrounded by nature, rivers that flow into the sea and the joy of the locals.

“Of all the resorts Quinta del Mar Paradise is perfect for those travelling with family or perhaps wanting to explore,” Andrés says, “Those with restless feet who want more adventure and culture.”

Image Source: Quinta del Mar


 Not only is privacy a guarantee at the island, but the high-end, palatial customer service presented to guests is almost entirely local as well. The authentic feel is magnified by the majority of the team of twenty being recruited from the local area.

Following a detailed check list, procedures are set in place for the employees to follow before a guest arrives in terms of changing linen, painting floors and thoroughly cleaning every small detail. During a guest’s stay things are maintained and a lot happens in the background beyond the guest’s awareness to guarantee the highest level of enjoyment.

“Thanks to the united and faultless efforts of our team,” Andrés says, “We have been recognized by Diners Magazine as the number one resort to visit in Colombia.”


According to Andrés what makes a resort truly magnificent and the key factor in differentiating oneself from the competition is less about the location than one may think.

“Of course, the old saying of location, location, location is important,” he concedes, “However even the most beautiful surroundings can be tainted if the customer service and relationship isn’t there.”

He goes onto explain that relationship is everything and that one of the key reasons why Quinta Del Mar Resorts has the reputation and appeal that it does is because, as a team, they have worked tirelessly to fuse astonishing beauty and luxury with the highest standard of customer relationship building.

“Realistically, the only way to be the best is to offer the best of everything,” he says, “This includes the best scenery, best comfort, best customer service and relations, best after sale service and the best levels of experience.”

Image Source: Quinta del Mar

While there is the potential to open a place at Playas el Francés which is less than a kilometre away from El Paraíso’, the main aim is to keep providing the guests to the current sites the finest standards.

“Expansion of any business is important,” Andrés says, “In the hospitality industry however, maintaining and improving on standards for the guests is the priority. Every one of our resorts needs to add to that level of consummate luxury and service that our guests have come to expect. Our guest experience is everything to us.”

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