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LEMALA NANYUKIE . Magnificent, sublime and just the right amount of luxury. Tanzania.

There is a very good chance you’ve never experienced anything like Lemala Nanyukie. It has been my experience that people who travel to Africa, do so because they yearn for adventure, long for excitement beyond their control and most importantly because they want to be moved.

Not everyone is a gadabout, who will throw themselves into adventures at a drop of a hat and happily sleep rough to the chance to see a unique sunrise. Instead, many of us want to have the best of everything. We want to see the magnificent and the sublime but at the same time we also want to know that we have somewhere comfortable to lay our heads and maybe juuuust the right amount of luxury.

Image Source: Lemala Nanyukie

There is a word that springs to mind when thinking about Lemala Nanyukie, “eudaimonia”, it is a Greek word that literally means “human flourishing”, as in a contented state of being happy, healthy and prosperous and at peace with your place in the world.


Previously, we have spoken about Lemala Nanyukie, and a brief read of that article will demonstrate the level of quality, luxury and keen attention to detail that Lemala Camps and Lodges have applied to this almost dreamlike-fantasy tented camp. Sufficed to say it is everything you could want in an outdoor safari camp.  Luxurious and in the middle of nowhere, at least a 40 minute drive from the Seronera Airstrip.

CEO of Lemala Camps and Lodges, Leanne Haigh, explains that the entire camp was designed to make use of the surroundings.

“Most of our guests can’t recall the last time they saw wild, undeveloped savannah from horizon to horizon,” she says, “It is incredibly humbling and a peaceful feeling and Lemala Nanyukie was designed to fully make use of this environment.”

Image Source: Lemala Nanyukie

Meaning ‘endless plains’ in the Maasai language, the Serengeti is undoubtedly one of the world’s most celebrated wilderness areas that anyone with an interest in African wildlife would have seen in documentaries and television series. Lemala Nanyukie is located in the park’s eastern region and has sublime views across these fascinating ‘endless plains’.

Under the shade of ancient giant acacia trees in a grass savanna dotted with rocky kopjes, Lemala Nanyukie is just one example of the lengths that Lemala have gone to provide their guests with the most incredible experiences. Their other places include the Serengeti’s Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge and Lemala Mpingo Ridge in Tarangire.

Lemala Nanyukie does offer something unique and very special. Contemporary décor, with dazzling whites and neutral colours, warm and textured accessories, luxurious upholstery, wooden furnishings and well executed lighting that provides the guest with the sort of splendid luxury they would expect in a five star boutique villa. And, with only canvas walls surrounding you, as you fall  asleep, you’ll feel closer to the Serengeti than ever before, when the sun sets Africa really wakes up.

Image Source: Lemala Nanyukie

Then, during the daytime, sitting in the hot tub or lounging on the deck of your royal-standard tent, you can allow yourself the freedom to just relax and listen. Be like a lion, the king of Africa and just let yourself chill out in the shade and listen as the plains speak to you.

“The Serengeti has a song,” Leanne says, “At first it’ll be a barrage of unfamiliar sounds, then it will sound like Africa is singing to you. Then, sooner than you think, you’ll feel like you’re part of the song too.”

Image Source: Lemala Nanyukie


Lemala have never considered their luxury portfolio to be just about luxury accommodation. Luxury is about having something unique and special, something that other people don’t have. You can find a great bed and a great room anywhere in the world, in a dirty city or a quiet town, but one thing you won’t find anywhere else is this private view of Africa.

And what’s even better? It’s completely sustainable.

What is a major problem with many destinations in exotic, far flung destinations? They leave a permanent footprint on the landscape. Their construction requires the disruption of the land around them, the upheaval of the soil and the destruction of animal habitat. To lay down a foundation of a building and then to build it, to furnish it, to heat it and provide water and power, all of these change the landscape around it. People enjoy luxury accommodation in beautiful areas without ever considering the impact that such patronage entails for that location.

Image Source: Lemala Nanyukie

International travellers are becoming ever more aware of their own carbon footprint and naturally gravitate towards destinations that will help them make theirs greener. At all Lemala Camps & Lodges, guests can relax and enjoy their stay knowing that their pleasure has scarce detriment to the surrounding land. As a company Lemala’s base-line standard, always begins with building sustainably and responsibly.

With this in mind, not only is Lemala Nanyukie a flourishing example of how tented camps can offer the comfort of a hotel without any of the damage, it is also a reminder to guests that they need to take the time to just enjoy being somewhere magnificent. With all things considered, a stay here is an opportunity to lose yourself in the experience and come out on the other side changed. 

Image Source: Lemala Nanyukie


The main area in the camp features a comfortable lounge and bar, outdoor viewing deck that leads to a refreshing swimming pool and indoor and outdoor dining areas. Additionally, Lemala arranges special meals like bush breakfasts and lantern-lit dinners, and the campfire is perfect for a post-dinner drink and share of tall-tales and stories about the day on safari. A separate spa tent among the trees offers secluded relaxation for those wishing to leave their work and life stress behind.

Image Source: Lemala Nanyukie

Fifteen luxurious guest tents, including a two bedroom suite, are spaced well apart to offer complete privacy. Five of the tents have extra day beds so triples can be accommodated, and the two-bedroom one is perfect for families or friends.

Amenity features include an oversized bed, spacious lounge, and generous bathroom with double vanity, shower and free-standing bathtub. The delightful wooden deck has sunken seating, outdoor shower and stunning corner plunge pool with views directly across the Serengeti’s magnificent grasslands.

This area of the Serengeti is crossed by the thrilling wildlife spectacle of the annual wildebeest migration, but also has high-density game-viewing at all times and is well-known for its large concentration of cats. As such Lemala Nanyukie is open year-round, and safari activities like game drives and walks are accompanied by Lemala’s highly-knowledgeable and experienced guides.

“It’s the best of both worlds,” Leanne says, “You have the adventure and brave exploration of the wildest part of Africa to get your heart thumping in your throat and the luxury and comfort of your tented camp promising the deepest sleep of your life.”

Image Source: Lemala Nanyukie


While Lemala Nanyukie is not in a malaria zone it is worthwhile to check what shots are suggested for the area. As the camp is remote it is advised to bring any and all medication as required and to alert staff to any medical conditions.

Also, this is Africa, so pack a good hat and make sure you have sunscreen and wear a T-shirt. Nothing will ruin your enjoyment of a holiday faster than African sunburn.

Finally, be prepared for an inspiring experience and an adventure you’ll never forget.



$1800 a night for 2 guests.

Stay 4 nights and only pay for 3.

Valid in high season and inclusive of all meals and drinks, wifi, laundry.


TELEPHONE NUMBER: +255 788734834

EMAIL: res@lemalacamp.com

WEBSITE: www.lemalacamp.com/nanyukie-tented-lodge