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Glampro. Glamping Supplier. Slovenia.

With a talent for turning ideas into reality and manifesting their clients’ dreams for them, Glampro have quickly become a go-to business for top‑notch glamping resorts around the globe.

Founded in 2015 with the aim of bringing innovative products to tourism and hospitality the company, which was founded by Borut Kokelj, smoothly combines engineering design with more than a little creativity. With this, they entered into the glamping industry with a flourish and soon made a name for themselves as glamping maniacs. With no two sites looking the same, their designs range from luxurious glamping tents to adrenaline parks, bio pools and other unique designs and creations to suit the needs and tastes of every imaginable client.

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Many established sites as well as newcomers to the industry are attracted to working with Glampro thanks to their philosophy and approach to the creative design of their sites. This approach values being different, being unique, standing out and letting the projects tell the story.

Working with a team that can range between ten and thirty people at a time depending on the project requirements, Borut explains that the time lines can range from 6 months to three years depending on size and scale.

Details such as timescales and budget, levels of difficulties and potential hurdles are all discussed with the client ahead of time for the benefit of troubleshooting issues before they crop up.


A number of projects that Glampro have been involved with are worth mentioning, including Garden village Bled, Herbal resort, Chateau Ramsak resort, Glamping Olimia and other resorts in as far afield as Korea, China, Philippines, Japan, Costa Rica, Canada, UAE,  Austria, Croatia, Portugal and Italy … to name a few.

Image Source: Glampro


Over and above the creation of classic luxury tourist resorts, Glampro’s specialty lies in creating resorts in an urban environment where small or limited spaces call upon an innovative layout. The projects where the designers can focus on the sustainable solutions and charming details. In cooperation with Adria Home, they also create glamping tents, which are usually placed in their projects.


Based in Ljubljana (the capital of Slovenia), Glampro keeps a studio there for design and project management while partnering with a range of international suppliers and key business partners that they have worked with over the years.


In addition to project control, clients are also given creative control to ensure that their dream is manifested as they saw it in their mind, physical possibilities withstanding of course. Borut says that he has learnt the importance of these relationships as the quality of the completed project relies on it.

Image Source: Glampro


The upcoming year is going to be a busy one with Glampro already designing approximately fifteen new resorts, as well as planning to build their own resort in the future. As glamping continues to expand and diversify, we expect to continue to see great things from this young and vibrant company.

ADDRESS: Zemljemerska ulica 12, 1000 Ljubljana / Slovenia – EU

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 00386 41 521 766