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Five Of The Essential Service Providers for a Unique Glamping Experience

The glamping industry has witnessed tremendous growth and popularity in recent years, offering travelers a unique and luxurious outdoor experience. Behind the scenes, several key industries play a vital role in providing the necessary services and infrastructure to create these memorable glamping experiences. In this article, we explore the essential service providers in construction, tent manufacturing, flooring, landscaping, and plumbing. These industries work in harmony to bring comfort, functionality, and aesthetics to glamping sites.

1. Construction Companies:

Construction companies play a significant role in bringing glamping sites to life. They handle the development of infrastructure, including site preparation, building structures, and utilities installation. From erecting sturdy cabins and lodges to constructing communal areas and service buildings, construction companies ensure the solid foundation upon which the glamping experience is built.

a treehouse in the trees
Beacon Hill Farm. Treehouse.

2. Tent Manufacturing and Suppliers:

Tent manufacturers like Outstanding Tent are crucial in providing the iconic structures that define glamping. These companies produce high-quality tents that combine comfort and style, accommodating various accommodation types such as safari tents, geodesic domes, and tipis. They offer durable materials, innovative designs, and customizable options, enabling glamping site owners to create unique and inviting spaces for their guests.

tent under construction
Outstanding Tent.

3. Flooring and Interior Design Specialists:

Flooring is an integral component of glamping accommodations, contributing to aesthetics, comfort, and cleanliness. Flooring specialists offer a range of options such as sustainable wood, eco-friendly composite materials, or luxurious carpets, ensuring a cozy and inviting interior. Additionally, interior design specialists provide expertise in creating functional and visually appealing spaces, curating furniture, lighting, and décor that align with the glamping site’s theme and ambiance.

4. Landscaping and Outdoor Design Experts:

Landscaping is a crucial aspect of creating an immersive and captivating glamping environment. Landscaping specialists like The Landscape Studio work their magic by designing and implementing natural features, gardens, pathways, and outdoor spaces that harmonize with the surrounding natural beauty. They transform the glamping site into a picturesque retreat, enhancing guests’ connection with nature and fostering a tranquil atmosphere.

5. Plumbing and Sanitation Services:

Ensuring proper plumbing and sanitation services is essential for a comfortable and convenient glamping experience. Plumbing specialists like Glampsan install water supply systems, sanitary facilities, and wastewater management solutions. They ensure guests have access to clean, running water, private bathrooms or shower facilities, and eco-friendly waste disposal methods. Reliable plumbing services are fundamental to the comfort and satisfaction of glamping site guests.



The success of the glamping industry relies on the collaboration of various service providers, each specializing in different aspects of creating exceptional glamping experiences. Construction companies, tent manufacturers, flooring and interior design specialists, landscaping experts, and plumbing and sanitation services all contribute to the functionality, aesthetics, and comfort of glamping sites. By working together, these industries bring forth the infrastructure, structures, and services necessary for a truly remarkable glamping adventure.

Featured Image: Lemala Nanyukie. Safari glamping at its finest.