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Summer Weekend Getaway: What To Pack for the Poconos

Congratulations on booking a summer getaway to the Poconos! It’s a lovely place to visit this time of year. Here’s what you should pack to make the most of it. 

The Poconos is the perfect place for a summer getaway for anyone. The weather is mild, there’s low humidity, and the temperatures average in the high 70s. What beautiful weather for the perfect summer weekend retreat. 

Since this region is full of a wide range of activities, from hiking and horseback riding to wine tasting and shopping, it can be tough to know what to pack. Here are a few suggestions for a summer weekend getaway to the Poconos

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You’ll spend most of your time outdoors during your weekend escape, so packing plenty of sun protection is necessary. The strong sunshine will find you, even if you think the tree coverings will protect you. Apply SPF 50 or higher at least 30 minutes before you head out for your adventure. Don’t go anywhere without applying sunscreen first, whether you’re hiking, biking, or horseback riding. 

Bring the bottle with you, especially during water activities. Try to reapply the sunscreen every two hours. Don’t let a cloudy day trick you—you can still experience sunburn. 

Light Jacket or Sweater

The evenings can be chilly, even during the summer. A light jacket or sweater will keep you warm while you go out for dinner or sip a glass of wine on the hotel patio. It will also ensure you stay warm when you venture downtown for an evening of shopping. 

Good Hiking Shoes

The Poconos is the perfect destination for people who love hiking. Head to a trusted outdoor sports store in person or online to find a pair. Read reviews to get a good idea of what to look for. Look for ones that are waterproof and fit you well. You don’t want them too tight. 

Ensure you break the boots or shoes in before going for your first hike. You could end up with blisters and sore feet. Nobody wants to ruin their girl’s trip itinerary to the Poconos on the first day because they brought poor hiking shoes. You’d spend the rest of the trip in the hotel. 

Reusable Water Bottle

Water is essential when you’re gone all day exploring the mountainous region of the Poconos. You’ll want something that isn’t too heavy but can hold a decent amount of water. Collapsible water bottles are an excellent option. 

Invest in a water bottle carrier to make the hike easier. It will keep your water cold, and you can keep your hands free. Throw the strap over your shoulder and enjoy your hike. 

If you pack all these summer weekend getaway essentials for the Poconos, you’ll have a fantastic trip. There’s no shortage of things to do in this region, so prepare for a jam-packed weekend of adventure!