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Basic Campground Etiquette for Camping Newbies

Seinfeld’s most infamous character, George Costanza, may have gotten many things wrong throughout the show’s dominant reign on television. But one thing George nailed was that living in a society requires people to show common courtesy to everyone else. If you are new to the camping craze, it’s wise to learn the basic campground etiquette for camping newbies to prevent any Costanza-like blow-ups from the folks around you. 

Respect People’s Space

While you may not be a “get off my lawn” type, others may not be as understanding as you are. Many folks will lose their cool if you trudge on their territory willy-nilly. 

Make your best effort to reach your destination without impeding others’ personal space and campsites. Keep to the roads and sidewalks so everyone can enjoy their time together. Even young campers should observe this crucial principle of camping etiquette.

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Quiet Hours

Some people think they can be as loud and rambunctious as they want since they are on vacation. However, it’s still critical that you abide by the designated quiet time at the campgrounds.

No one likes living next to the noisy neighbor on the block, so make a diligent effort to stay quiet at the appropriate times on the campgrounds. Being quiet doesn’t only relate to the volume of your voice but also the loud radios, late-night cornhole games, and deafening generators. 

Pick Up Your Trash

Never forget about your trash or food. There are rodents, birds, and larger animals lurking in the shadows to destroy your camp and take your supplies. The more human food a wild animal eats, the more accustomed it will get to humans. This is especially true of bears, coyotes, and even raccoons, which may become a nuisance when they no longer fear humans.

If you like nature, you probably want to have as minimal an effect on the environment as possible. And this includes not disturbing animals, properly disposing of trash, and leaving as little trace as you can when camping. 

Doggy Clean-Up

Having your favorite furry friend by your side can improve your camping experience. Seeing their jubilant behavior while enjoying the great outdoors will fill your heart with joy. Unfortunately, during their hours of joyful exuberance, canines need to relieve themselves wherever they see fit. 

Not picking up after your dog is a way to earn enemies among fellow campers, who will not like having to smell any presents your dog left lying about the campsite. Moreover, you should keep your dog at bay with a leash or fence to prevent any unfortunate incidents. 

Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires 

Smokey the Bear engrained forest safety in our heads since we were young lads and lasses, but some people don’t take Smokey’s advice to heart. Keep campfires small and put them out entirely. You should only create fires in approved areas and clear the fire ring of dry leaves and other debris before starting a fire. 

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Keep a close eye on your campfire and put it out completely with water before you retire for the night. It’s critical that you have a well-stocked first aid kit for your camping venture in case something were to go awry, such as getting burned or a splinter. 

Following basic campground etiquette for camping newbies ensures you have a positive experience while not being a nuisance to others around you. If you follow the unwritten rules to a tee, you will soon realize how camping can fill your soul with joy.

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