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A gateway to Canadian hospitality and representing over one thousand supplier partners CAL Travel International turns twenty four this year. After almost two and a half decades of connecting avid travellers with bespoke luxury and shaping a reputation for personalised service, Alice Lin, who founded the company knows the value of a memorable experience.

“Everyone has a different idea of the perfect adventure in their minds,” she explains, “It’s our job to match that with the myriad of potential places to stay and sights to see in Canada.”

Spirit bear on Gribbell Island in the Great Bear Rainforest. Image Credit: Destination BC/Yuri Choufour


With this in mind, CAL Travel International have curated the most comprehensive list of tours and venues across Canada and the United States, easily accessible from their website where the tours can be searched by collections or locations or customised to meet the client’s particular tastes.

Escape to a colourful coastal city along the Atlantic? Perhaps a visit to the roaring mists of Niagara Falls or a wander across the Canadian prairies that stretch unimpeded to the horizon in all directions; or how about an stunning display of the Aurora Borealis in the untouched sanctuary of Northwest Territories in the Great North, which will undoubtedly make you feel like a character on a quest in a Tolkien novel.

Credit: Destination Canada.

Uniting the perfect adventure with the guest is what CAL Travel specialise in and they manage the experiences of some eight thousand international guests every year. Paying attention and being proactive to how the industry is evolving is key to achieving such impressive numbers. For example, the worldwide travel industry has shifted since the Pandemic years and there is a new taste guiding the clients coming to the company.


According to Alice, travellers today know the value of rare experiences and expect to be impressed. Wanting to feel looked after and that they are receiving more for their money, tour companies have been obliged to raise their standards to offer something spectacular, CAL Travel is no different. Alice says that eighty percent of their guests are international visitors, and they have made it their priority that guests know, without a doubt, that CAL Travel will meet their travel needs, with ease, grace and unquestionable reliability.

“Nobody has ever asked for a boring holiday,” she adds, “So we also aim to leave them spellbound.”


After an arduous but necessary period of recovery, it’s an exciting time for Canada’s travel industry which is on track to rebound to pre-2019 figures by 2024. This is great news and along with this there are several new experiences waiting for tourists and adventure seekers to uncover.

“Many signature wildlife destinations including British Columbia and Northern Manitoba are filling up at an unprecedented pace,” Alice explains, “And we are  witnessing a huge resurgence of tours into the Canadian Rockies with this summer being already booked to near capacity.”

The deep rooted cultural experiences of this country have always been of particular interest to visitors, but this has increased dramatically in recent years. Travellers want to soak in the history of Canada as much as the nature,  which one can hope indicates that the change in travel tastes extends beyond merely the senses and into the sensibilities.

“There is a powerful song to be heard in Canada,” Alice says, “You just have to come here to enjoy it.”

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Image Name: 63615_PowerPoint 2000px / Spirit Bear in The Great Bear Rainforest / Credit to Destination BC/Yuri Choufour

Feature Image Credit:  Travel Manitoba. Churchill_LazyBearTrip & Polar Bear at Seal River Heritage Lodge
Images provided by CAL Travel International.