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Most Reliable Trucks for Taking a Road Trip

There’s a moment in everyone’s day when they wish they could get into their vehicle, shift the car to drive, and hit the gas pedal with no destination. That may not be a realistic option for some. But knowing the most reliable trucks for a road trip may cause you to draw up a plan of action to make it happen. 

Built Ford Tough

The Ford F-150 is a classic that’s helped travellers for a decade, as it’s an all-around pickup truck that provides excellent dependability, convenience, and room for your long-distance travels. The biggest reason you can put your faith in an F-150 is that it can easily handle heavy cargo because of its robust engine selections. 

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There are differences between the Ford Powerstroke engines, so it helps to match the engine type with your needs. If you need extra power to lug around a boat for a day at the lake, a 7.3L engine might be in your best interest. However, other selections like the 6.0, 6.4, and 6.7L engines might be better for the casual driver.  

Like a Rock

The Chevrolet Silverado should be on your short list if you’re seeking a tough, reliable vehicle that can go hundreds of thousands of miles without a hitch. With its gritty design and V8 engines, the Silverado is one of the best investments for a seasoned traveler, especially with its safety standards indicated by the NHTSA safety ratings.

The Silverado had comfort in mind with its design, considering it can comfortably sit up to six people. The vehicle’s interior may not be on par with its counterparts, but the large cabin allowing additional room for your legs and head will make it a moot point.  

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The Power of Honda

A truck that does have a gorgeous interior and nearly matches the Silverado regarding safety is the Honda Ridgeline. It’s undoubtedly an ideal pickup truck on the smaller side of things.

The Ridgeline incorporates several safety measures into a highly comfortable cabin and runs like a charm. The Ridgeline’s one flaw is that it’s not ideal for hauling things around the country. Nevertheless, you won’t find a better truck for a single traveler ready to explore what the rest of the world has to offer. 

Guts, Glory, Ram

Twister proved the Dodge Ram is the perfect vehicle to take on several tornados in three days, so you know it can handle a cross-country road trip. The Ram remains the perfect blend between power, comfort, and reliability. 

The Ram has enough horsepower to handle any of your towing needs, while the truck’s interior has no shortage of entertainment options to amuse you along the way. The Ram 1500 has several safety features, like a 360-degree camera system, lane assistance, and blind spot protection, so it will feel like the truck is driving you. 

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You can’t go wrong with any of the most reliable road trip trucks. Each one guarantees you smooth travels as you depart on your expedition.