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Best Tips for Staying Awake While Driving

Cruising the great interstates of this country is inevitable if traveling is a key component of your job. Thus, you’ll be behind the wheel more than the average citizen. And despite thinking you’re immune to falling asleep behind the wheel, it can get the best of us. Using the best tips for staying awake while driving should stave off heavy eyes. 

One Is the Loneliest Number 

Certain circumstances may require you to travel alone; however, having a riding partner with you is always in your best interest. Driving hundreds of miles can be a huge drain, particularly if you’re going through the flat part of the country, so it’s nice to have a method to avoid nodding off. A riding buddy allows you to engage in conversation and keep you from realizing how tired you are. 

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If you don’t have someone accompanying you, talking on the phone with a loved one may work in a pinch. Just make sure that you abide by state regulations about phone usage while driving, and opt for hands-free calls.

Don’t Deviate From Your Sleep Schedule

While an inconsistent schedule may not affect everyone the same way, getting behind the wheel when you’re usually tucked under the covers could be a recipe for disaster. Several people are ditching their home office for a mobile one thanks to the remote working environment, and they might want to follow the tip of not traveling during work hours. You may feel like you can grind the midnight oil, but you will quickly realize that it’s difficult to keep your eyes open when you’re usually in bed. 

Keep Good Posture

When our body is running on fumes, our posture tends to be the first thing that goes. We often lean over the wheel or slouch in our seat, and we might even try to twist while driving to get rid of the crick in our back. 

The best posture while driving will have your back slightly tilted, your hips level with your bent knees, your head in the center of the headrest, and the lumbar support the curvature of your spine. If you notice one of those steps slipping, you might need to take a break. 

Take a Break 

You’re not looking to cross the finish line at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, so it doesn’t hurt to take a break now and then. Parking at rest stops to get out and stretch your legs can give you a bolt of energy to handle the next portion of your journey. And if your body is capable and you need a quick pick-me-up for the final few hours, a cup of coffee couldn’t hurt. 

The ideal break time is between every two to three hours to ensure that you’re not in a haze. Setting alarms on your phone is a good way to remember to take your scheduled breaks, assuming there is a safe space to park and walk around. 

Remembering the best tips for staying awake while driving is paramount if you’re a seasoned traveler. You’re not immune to dozing off behind the wheel, but following these suggestions will help fight that feeling.