The Logbook


Decades in publishing have introduced me to several interesting superstitions about launching issues. Certain conventions should always be adhered to and I’m certain the continued running of the universe relies on them. Such as: never use purple ink to edit copy, a shot of whiskey cements the final layout of each edition and whenever possible sales on Friday the 13th of any month should be avoided and often are. And finally, of course, never speak ill of the television series Firefly. 

January magazines don’t have any superstitions as far as I’m aware of. To the publishing world the first issue of the year is to be appreciated, not feared or stressed over. It is the opportunity to set the standard for the upcoming year. 

2023, will at very least, prove to be an interesting year. Not only are we celebrating the relaunch of The Logbook after its hiatus thanks to a certain global pandemic, but also the introduction of several new products to further increase our scope of audience, readership engagement and general awesomeness. 

Some things will never change however, the standards of journalism and writing and our focus on finding the interesting stories in hospitality and travel for example. Whether it’s highlighting the association fighting to keep your hotel bed sheets clean, the best boots to buy or which coffee houses to visit on your next trip to Edinburgh, we will continue to press the boundaries to enthral our readers. 

Those things will always stay the same.