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A Quick Checklist For Planning A Family Trip To The Algarve (Living With A Disability)

Living with a disability shouldn’t stop you from enjoying family vacations. However, it is fair to say that you will need to pay extra attention to the preparations. 

The Algarve is a very popular destination that has gained a growing reputation for becoming accessible to all. Nevertheless, a few simple updates will be needed to ensure that it becomes the vacation of your dreams. Focus on the steps below and you won’t go far wrong.

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Choose the right time to travel

Choosing the right time to travel can impact your adventures in many ways, not least when looking at the costs. When living with a disability, you may find that avoiding harsh weather climates is advised. When visiting the Algarve, you are virtually guaranteed a pleasant temperature at all times of the year. However, you may wish to avoid July’s heat and the rainfall of November to January.

You can combine this info with your availability and the fluctuating prices between peak and off-peak seasons. In turn, you should find it relatively easy to find a suitable time to plan your holiday.

Think about the journey itself

While the Algarve itself has become more accessible, getting to Portugal may still cause some stress. This guide to flying when living with a disability should be very useful regardless of where you’re heading. In most cases, the key is to give yourself enough time to make the day pass without stress. Better still, a positive outbound experience will allow you to relax on vacation without fears over the return journey.

Once you arrive in the Algarve, hiring a disability-friendly car will ensure that you are able to get around the city with ease. Feeling comfortable during your travels will make a huge difference to your mindset. 

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Choose the right place to stay

Finding the right accommodation is vital for all travel parties. However, it can take on an even greater significance when you or a loved one lives with a disability. These luxury villas to rent in Quinta do Lago are a great choice. Aside from an excellent location, it helps you avoid the potential issues of being located at the top floor of a hotel. Besides, everyone can benefit from the added privacy.

When staying in a luxury villa, you can also benefit from maid services. This allows you to spend more time actively enjoying everything that the Algarve and the south of Portugal have to offer your family. Even if that means just enjoying the weather from your villa.

Pack your medical supplies

The Algarve is an increasingly accessible destination. Nevertheless, you may find it difficult to find the pharmaceuticals that you need while away. Likewise, it is vital that you pack all items that could be needed to manage food allergies and other items. Of course, following good hygiene is crucial too. While you can get to hospitals in the south of Portugal, you’d rather avoid it. Given that getting to a pharmacy after a flare-up can be tough too, precautions are advised.

On a side note, it is probably worth downloading a translator app on your smartphone. Aside from helping you through difficult situations, it can add convenience during your stay. It is the least that you deserve.

Pack some binoculars

The Algarve is a truly stunning destination with truly magical natural backdrops. As such, you should take this opportunity to brush up on your smartphone photography skills to gain some truly incredible shots. However, it’s also advised that you take a pair of binoculars so that you can see the beauty from afar. It can be especially useful if your disabilities make it difficult for you to enjoy the sand.

Binoculars don’t have to be expensive. Meanwhile, if you wear glasses, you should consider prescription sunglasses. They could be a crucial investment as you look to soak in the beauty of the Algarve.

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Choose the right travel party

Finally, you must be sure to book your holiday with the right people. It is regularly shown that vacations are the source of many broken friendships. The harsh reality is that living with a disability can increase those odds. If the person you travel with does not show understanding and empathy, it’s likely to ruin their holiday. Moreover, it’s likely to leave you feeling guilty – even though there is no reason for you to.

When you have the right travel companions, it becomes far easier to plan excursions and other aspects. In turn, you can be sure that it will be the dream holiday for all. And given everything that the Algarve has to offer, magical memories await.